Painting while Dying, Singing while Dying! (Post No.7635)


Post No.7635

Date uploaded in London – 29 February 2020

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Death bed scenes

Shortly before his death, Judge John Marshall Harlan of the U S Supreme Court became partly conscious and spoke his farewell words to those who were at his bedside,

“Good bye, I am sorry to have kept you all waiting so long”.


Last Touch

A few hours before his death Marcel Proust asked his servant to bring to his bed a certain page from his manuscript wherein the death agony of one of his characters was described— because

I have several retouching to make here, now that I find myself in the same predicament.

He wrote like a maniac to the end.


Painting while Dying!

Three days before Blake’s death he was working on the ‘Ancient of Days’. He sat bolstered up in bed , and tinted it with his choicest

colours and in his happiest style. He touched and retouched it— held it at arm’s length and then threw it from him, exclaiming,

There! That will do! I cannot mend it.

He saw his wife in tears…

Stay! Kate! Cried Blake, Keep just as you are—

I will draw your portrait— for you have ever been an angel to me

And so he did — and it was his last work.


Singing while Dying!

Dr Arne, the Eighteenth-Century English composer, died as he had lived. His intimate friend ,Vernon , the favourite singing actor of Drury Lane Theatre described his end,

— I was talking on the subject of music with the doctor, who suffered much from exhaustion, when in attempting to illustrate what he had advanced, he in a very feeble and tremulous voice sang part of an air, during which he became progressively more faint until he breathed his last! Making, as our immortal Shakespeare expresses it

‘A swan like end, fading in music’.

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