Dead Cat thrown at Lord Macaulay (Post No.7674)


Written  by  London Swaminathan

Post No.7674

Date uploaded in London – 10 March 2020

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My opponent came into Surrey Naked

To the reviling of a local Conservative, a local Liberal candidate for a parliamentary vacancy in Surrey (England, UK) replied,

“The gentleman is taunting me for not having been born in this district as he was. Let me tell the gentleman that my only excuse is that I’m a Lancashire man from choice, while he is one by necessity. If there is any difference between us, it is that I came into this country with my pants on while the gentleman came into it with his off.”


I am ‘TO LET’ (Unfurnished)

When Mr Thomas Sheridan , son of the celebrated Richard Brinsley Sheridan, was a candidate for the representation of a Cornish (U.K)  borough, he told his father, that if he had succeeded, he should place a label on his forehead with the words ‘to let’, and side with the party that made the best offer.

Right, Tom, said the father, but don’t forget to add the word ‘unfurnished’.


Lord Macaulay and Dead Cat

On one occasion Lord Macaulay had an unpleasant experience at Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). He was re-contesting a seat in that constituency and was standing side by side with his opponent on the balcony one evening, when he was suddenly struck by a dead cat. The member of the audience who threw the animal at once apologised and said that he had intended it for his opponent.

“Well, said Macaulay, I wish you had meant it for me and struck him” .


Liar, Liar !

The political speaker found himself repeatedly interrupted by a speaker who shouted ‘Liar!’ again and again during his discourse. His patience exhausted, the speaker at last said,

“If the gentleman will be good enough tell us his name as well as his calling, we shall be pleased to hear from him”.


“Wall, I cant vote now”

Sam Houston, when running for Governor of Texas, overlooked no prospective voters. He went around to most of the farm houses and personally harangued the inmates, getting their promises to vote for him.

At one such farm house he had gotten the farmer’s promise of a vote, and seeing the lanky son of the house pass by, sized him up as another prospective supporter.

“Son, he said to the boy, you look old enough to vote; how old are you?”

“Wall (well), I was 21 last April, but I didn’t bow my head when dad ast the blessing, so he sot me back two years…… so now I can’t vote”.

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