Political Party Anecdotes (Post No.7681)


Post No.7681

Date uploaded in London – 11 March 2020

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Thaddeus Stevens, once going into the room of the Committee on Elections of which he was a member, found a hearing going on. He asked one of his Republican colleagues what was the point in the case.

“There is not much point to it”, was the answer.

“They are both dammed scoundrels”.

“Well”, said St evens,

“Which is the Republican damned scoundrel? I want to go for the Republican damned scoundrel”.


I am a Democrat

Senator George W Norris had made a speech in Norfolk, Nebraska the night before and was taking a walk after breakfast when he noticed some men hitching a horse in a livery stable across the street. One of them recognised him and crossed over hurriedly introducing himself as a preacher in a place twelve miles away, in haste to get home to deliver his sermon.

The preacher wanted to shake his hand.

“I have followed your record in the Congress , he said, and I came down to your meeting last night to hear you talk . Mr Norris, I am so anxious to have you succeed that every night on bended knees I ask god to guard and protect you and see that you are elected to the Senate in order that your activities may have a wider scope. Why I get so enthusiastic that I almost feel as though I ought to vote for you myself”.

“Well, my good friend, if that is the way you feel about it, why don’t you vote for me?”

“Oh, Mr Norris, I never could do that. I am a Democrat.”


United States and Slavery

Judge T Lyle Dickey of Illinois related that when the excitement over the Kansas Nebraska Bill first broke out, he was with Lincoln and several friends attending court. One evening several persons, including himself and Lincoln, were discussing the slavery question. Judge dickey contended that slavery was an institution which the Constitution recognised, and which could not be disturbed.

Lincoln argued that ultimately slavery must become extinct.

After a while, said Judge Dickey, we went upstairs to bed. There were two beds in our room, and I remember Lincoln sat up in his night shirt on the edge of the bed arguing the point with me. At last we went to sleep.

Early in the morning I woke up and there was Lincoln half sitting up in bed.

Dickey, said he, I tell you this nation cannot exist half slave and half free.

Oh, Lincoln, said I, go to sleep.


Inherited from England

Cobden used to tell us the following anecdote,

When in America, I asked an enthusiastic lady why her country could not rest satisfied with the immense unoccupied territories it already possessed, but ever must be hankering after the lands of its neighbours; when her remarkable reply was:-

“Oh the propensity is a very bad one , I admit, but we came honestly by it, for we inherited it from England” .

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