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Some days ago, I published a news item in this blog about sun light entering the Madurai Muktheeswar Tempe of Lord Shiva. Hindus were great engineers, even 1500 years ago, who could construct temples in such a way to allow sunlight into the Garba Griha- the sanctum sanctorum. Now my friend Devapriyaji has posted one more news item of such sun light wonders in Facebook.

Here is the matter in English

Chengam Rishabeswar Temple is in Tiruvannamalai District. It is a shiva temple which is at least 600 year old. (All Shiva temples have Nandhi/bull installed in front of the main shrine) .Ever year sun light falls on this Bull and changes it into golden colour. That is, the bull appears to be made of gold in the sun light. It lasts for a few minutes. Since it is an annual event large number of devotees gathered there to see the natural wonder on 16th March 2020 .

Hindus are nature lovers. From the days of 6000 year old Rig Veda (date according to Herman Jacobi and Freedom Fighter B G Tilak), Hindu scriptures are full of descriptions of nature. Since the SUN is the biggest source of energy for all the living beings on earth, they showed it to every one and asked to see Gayatri Devi in it.

In short, they saw God through Sun Light.  Several Hindu temples in South India are very big. And yet the temple builders found out ways to get the sun light into the inner most part of temple what is called Garbha Griha in Sanskrit.

Chengam Temple is one of the temples where you can see sun light playing with the statues inside the temple

Chengam is approximately 230 kilometres from Chennai in Tamil Nadu.


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