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An ascetic who had no desire for money, whilst going through a forest, seeing there a treasure hidden in the ground, was afraid and ran away. Two sanyasins (ASCETICS)  coming in the opposite direction with a servant, saw him running and asked,

Why are you running away?

He said I saw a murderer there, and being afraid, I am running away.

Thinking within themselves,

He calls money a murderer ; he is a fool.

They went there and took the money and went away.

Their servant, thinking that if he killed them, he himself may take the money, mixed poison with the rice that he cooked for them, and cooked it.

The two sanyasins/ ascetics, thinking that perhaps their servant would ask a share, drowned him in the tank when he was taking a bath. They came back to the trees where they left the  treasure, and ate the rice cooked by the servant . They too died

Now the world knows, ‘Money means murder’.


Importance of Witness, Another folk tale

A merchant bought a gemstone in nearby town and sent it to his wife through his servant. Since he was working for him for years, he trusted him. He went back to the town but never gave the gem to merchant’s wife.

When the merchant returned to the town and asked his wife whether she received the gem, she said she never received anything from the servant.

The merchant called his servant and asked him whether he gave the gem to his wife. He said yes, I gave it in your wife’s hands.

Merchant knew that he was cheated and so reported the matter to the king .

He called the servant and asked whether the gemstone was handed over to merchant s wife. He said yes.

Do you have any witnesses?

He said he had two elderly in the town who were the witnesses. They were bribed by the servant.

The king called the witnesses one by one separately.

When he asked the first witness to describe the size of the gem he said it was of the size of a grape . Another witness said it was the size of a  lemon.

The judge sentenced both the false witnesses to undergo life imprisonments. And the servant was sentenced to death for lying and stealing the gemstone.

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