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“Out of many thousands of men scarcely one strives to know me. Of those who strive , scarcely one knows me in Truth”.

—Bhagavad Gita 7-3

There is a story of a Mahatma— Great Soul— who, for many years, got up each morning and began pushing a huge boulder to the top of a hill. For six hours he would struggle with his boulder until he reached the top. As soon as he did so he kicked the boulder and it came tumbling down. Within minutes it lay at the bottom of the hill again. The Mahatma laughed out loud and then he came down for the day.

As you can imagine he became a tourist attraction. Everybody came to see the potty old fellow, until one day, two of his disciples turned up. They had been searching for him to ask him to return to the Himalayas and teach them.

He is crackers,said the local people.

“But, you see, said his disciples, who were themselves very developed souls, all his tremendous effort has been to bring you and me to understand what we have never understood. Each one of us has spent millions of lifetimes struggling to the top of material evolution . We are within the reach of godhood and then, for the sheer thrill of worldly pleasures which will be gone in a flash, we kick ourselves down again.

Sisyphus rolling the marble block up the hill.

My comments


There is a similar story in Greece.

Sisyohus, son of Aeolus, was a king of Corinth whose character was so bad that he was condemned in the lower world to roll up hill a great  block  of marble which fell to the bottom as soon as he had got it to the summit.



In the Puranas there is a story of Narada, the great seer and jester, on his way to heaven as was often his inclination, when he passed a sage in meditating in the mountains. The sage greeted Narada and asked where he was going.

I am on my way to heaven, replied Narada.

Is there any thing you want while I am there?

Well, yes, said the sage,

Could you find out for me please how many more lives before I Self Realise.

Narada promised to find out for the fellow and went on his way.

Before long he came to the second mediating sage. The conversation went the same way as the earlier one and Narada left having made the same promise.

In a few months he returned from heaven and met the first sage.

What news, Mahatma? Called the sage. Now this sage was a very highly developed spirit and was on the verge of realisation, but Narada said to him,

Not so good, my friend. You see that tamarind tree. Count the number of leaves on that tree and you have the number of lives you have yet to live.

The sage clasped his hands in joy. I am so happy. Now at least I have only a finite number of lives before I Self Realise.

Then Narada came to the second sage, who called out,

What news, Mahatma?

Now this sage was a long way yet from self realisation and had many many lives to go. But Narada said to him,

Very good news. This is your last generation and you are off, free for ever.

The sages eye nearly popped out of his head.

O my goodness. Let me pack quickly and leave for the city while there is still time. So much to do. So much to see.

I think both the stories told by Sadhu Partasarathy, quoted by Kerry Brown.

‘The Essential Teachings of Hinduism’

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