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I am of one form. No one knows Me. I am always pure Consciousness.

–Kailvalypanishad 21


A Prince approached a Guru in the Himalayas and said to him,

Swami, you must be in contact with God?


Now, I want to reach God . Can you help me?

Sure, that is my business.

How do I go about it? asked the Prince.

Well, how do your subjects go about seeing you?

Oh, I am accessible to anybody, all they have to do is let my secretary know .

Oh, that is easy then, said the Swami. God follow s the same principle. Just give me your card and I will pass it on. No problem.

So the Prince gave him his card . The swami looked at it and said, isn’t this your name?.


God wants to know who is coming. He doesn’t want to know your name. The name belongs to you. It is your possession, but God wants to know who the possessor is .

Then the Prince wrote on the card that he was the Prince of the country and then the swami said

Son, isn’t this your position?


He doesn’t want to know the position. This is your possession. Who are you?

This went on with the Prince scribbling all over the card, until, finally he wrote,

Human being, to which the Mahatma said ,

Yes. I know you are not a bird or a fox. You are a human being. That is your species. You belong to it. But who are you?

The Prince took the card back and went away because he understood he didn’t know who he was. He thought and thought until he understood. And then he never went back. He had met the person he wanted to meet.

Swami Vivekananda said,

He is an atheist who does not believe in himself



There are three pathways to hell which destroy a human being; lust, anger and greed. Therefore give up these things.

–Bhagavad Gita 16-21

There is a Ramakrishna Swami who always tells the novices.

I am not afraid of heaven or hell.

You know I have beautiful handwriting. If I go to heaven, god will say, come here and do my correspondence. If I go to hell, the day the god of hell discovers my handwriting he will put me to the same job. So it doesn’t make any difference where I go.

We make our heaven or hell depending upon how we use our opportunities.

Heaven is a calm and healthy mind.

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