31 Quotations on Patience & Forbearance (Post No.7889)


Post No.7889

Date uploaded in London – 27 April 2020   

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31 Quotations on Patience are given in this month’s calendar:-

Festival Holidays — May 1 May Day, 4 Agni Nakshatra period begins, 7 Chitra Purnima, 17 Dattatreya Jayanthi, 28 Agni Nakshatra period ends.

Ekadasi Fasting Days— 3,18; Full moon day- 7;

New Moon day 22.

Subha Muhurtams/ Auspicious Days- May 4,6,13,18,24,27


May 1 Friday

Patience, Purity and Perseverance  will prevail –Swami Vivekananda 


May 2 Saturday

Forbearance is the best ornament for both men and women-Valmiki Ramayana 1-33-7


May 3 Sunday

The earth support the men who dig at it . Similarly bear with those who scorn you; that is the best virtue- Tirukkural 151


May 4 Monday

Forbearance is the highest abode of Brahmins-

Katha Sarit Sagara


May 5 Tuesday

Forbearance is the crest jewel of the mighty



May 6 Wednesday

Forgive wrongs done to you; better still forget them

–Tirukkural 152


May 7 Thursday

What cannot be achieved by forbearance?

Chanakya sataka 13-22


May 8 Friday

Forbearance is the bedrock of all penance–Harshacharita


May 9 Saturday

Great people deem that as tolereance which is free from complaint-Bharata Manjari


May 10 Sunday

Patience is not present in all the valiant

-Valmiki Ramayana — 7-58-5

May 11 Monday

Forbearance glistens in the truthful, the gallant and the mighty–Ramayana Manjari


May 12 Tuesday

The greatest want is , not looking after a guest; the greatest courage is suffering fools patiently-

Tirukkural 153


May 13 Wednesday

When inferiors speak improper words, it is good to bear them patiently. The earth will not regard impatient behaviour as praiseworthy but only as baseness- Naladiyar  81

May 14 Thursday

Patience is an embellishment of the mighty

Chanakya Sataka–13-22


May 15 Friday

No weapon equivalent to patience–Kiratarjunia



May 16 Saturday

Over come by forbearance those that harm you by this overbearing conduct–Tirukkural 158


May 17 Sunday

If you have infinite patience and perseverance , success is bound to come –Swami Vivekananda


May 18 Monday

Man must be forbearing –Satopadesaprabandha


May 19 Tuesday

Patience is the ornament of wisdom

–Subhasita ratnakanda manjusha


May 20 Wednesday

The wise regard not those that retaliate but they esteem those that forbear–Tirukkural 155


May 21 Thursday

Is not intimate friendship with the great contracted with a hope that they would bear and forgive the grievous faults done by their friends? – Naladiyar 87


May 22 Friday

One who desires to maintain ones goodness should cultivate forbearance–Tirukkural 154


May 23 Saturday

When two persons unite as friends one should as far as possible patiently bear the misconduct of the other if there’s any—Naladiyar 85


May 24 Sunday

Those who perform penance by fasting are certainly great but even they are not equal to those that forbear the harsh words spoken by others–

Tirukkural 160


May 25 Monday

Those will never experience the evil s of life who knowing what ought to be known, become placid and submissive—Naladiyar 84


May 26 Tuesday

The seed grows into the tree, patiently and gently –Swami Vivekananda


May 27 Wednesday

Those that forbear the harsh words of the unrighteous one live as holy as a hermit who has renounced the world –Tirukkural 159


May 28 Thursday

Patience is the best means of success – –Swami Vivekananda


May 29 Friday

The gratification which one derives by retaliation is momentary ; but the glory of forbearance lasts for all time–Tirukkural 156


May 30 Saturday

Even when wrong is done by others one should feel compunction for the consequences they should suffer, and refrain from doing any harm in return–Tirukkural 157


May 31 Sunday

It is the patient upbuilding of character , the intense struggle to realise the truth, which alone will tell in the future of humanity –Swami Vivekananda.

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