SWAMI CROSSWORD 1252020 (Post No.7964)


Post No.7964

Date uploaded in London – 12 May 2020   

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.

tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com


1.– 10 letters- wife of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

6.– 7– Commander of Vijaya Nagara Forces who came with his wife to Madurai; defeated all Muslim invaders along his route.

8. –8– Vahana of Lord Shiva

11. – 7–Village chief, pre eminent

12. – 2- Brahma, Prajapati; genera meaning Who in Sanskrit

13. – 5–English word ‘Name’ came from this Sanskrit word

14.– 3–water in Vedas

15. –6–  bolt or lock; short sound pot of clay

16. – 8– Lion head; body of man ; Vishnu’s Avatar


1. – one of the three brothers of Rama. But bot Bharata or Lakshmana.

2.– 9—Save me or protect me in Sanskrit; it comes very often in Bhajan songs.

3.—9– Nala’s wife-

4. – 4—long sound. God’s huge and expanded form

5.–6–Sugarcane; there is a dynasty with this name

7.– 5- boat; English word navy, naval came from this Sanskrit word

9. Bijakshara mantra with H in the beginning.

10. a caste name now; originally meant one who leads; a leader; also army rank equivalent to corporal.


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