300 LANGUAGES IN LONDON & Gang Slang (Post No.8086)

300 LANGUAGES IN LONDON & Gang Slang (Post No.8086)


Post No. 8086

Date uploaded in London – 1 June 2020       

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London has become the Babel of the modern world. More than a third of Londoners are foreign born. Our city encompasses more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages.

Lot of foreigners come here for work or study. Most of them stay here. According to the statistics published ten years ago Indian community with 157,000 migrants is the largest migrant community. Next comes Nigerians with 68,000 people. European population is a floating population and it may change due to Britain’s decision to come out of European Union.

From Metro Newspaper ,1 March 2011


The Secret World of Gang Slang

Often impenetrable and indecipherable to all but those in the know, street slang has become a separatist form of communication. The roots of London’s modern street slang are hard to pinpoint, as the city is a linguistic melting pot of  many races that have left their mark on the capital’s language.

The words on our streets:

Irrespective of who uses it and for what purpose, street slang is constantly evolving. Words in common parlance five years ago like ‘buff – good looking’ are deemed antediluvian, replaced by newer terms such as ‘chug’, ‘peak’,and ‘wavey’. Skadoosh, many persons’ favourite, is a relative new comer.

Here is a list of London slang

Bang – Punch

Bare – a lot

Bate – obvious

Blud – friend

Booky- suspicious

Butters – ugly

Chug- good looking

Dutty- nasty

Fam – friends

Gallis- womaniser

Gased- talking nonsense

Gem- fool

Ghost – to be frequently absent

Greezy- bad

Junge- whore

Liccle- small

Marga- extremely skinny

Moist- no rating, silly, naff

Murk- attack

Nang – good

Peak – used to highlight an eventful situation

Penguin- good looking

Shank – stab

Shower- cool

Skadoosh – Goodbye

Skettel – loose woman

Slipping- to be caught off guard

Swag – crap

Tekkers- technique

Wallad- idiot

Wavey – high or drunk

From Metro Newspaper 1 November 2010


Ship Lost in Translation

A ship was lost in the mid sea because of language problem.

The Mary Rose was the flagship of the English fleet defending the country against the French in July 1545.

It was during an exchange of cannon fire that the ship capsized and sank, losing all but 35 of its crew.

Named after Henry VIII’s sister she was one of the purpose built warships to serve in the Royal Navy.

This ship went down because most of the crew were foreigners who could not understand their commanders’ orders to save the ship.

Studies of the sailors’ teeth have revealed that many of them were Spanish- lending weight to the theory that the ports were left open because frenzied orders to shut them were lost in foreign ears. Professor Huge Montgomery of University College London, who carried out the study revealed this finding.

Metro Newspaper,  1 August 2008.

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