How Big will be Manu’s Ship Today? (Post No.8179)


Post No. 8179

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Manu story

There are 14 Manus. And we are in the period of Seventh Manu, known as Vaiwasvata Manu. A great deluge happened during his reign. The first flood story appears in the Satapata Brahmana. The summary of the flood legend is—

One morning water was brought to Manu for washing his hands. When he was about to wash his hands he saw a fish in the water in the hand. It said to him that there is going to be a big deluge. If Manu saves the fish he will be saved by it and When Manu agreed, it asked him to preserve two species of each living being on earth and board the big ship specially built for it.  Manu did it as instructed. In course of time, the fish grew bigger and bigger and Manu left it in the ocean. And the flood came. When it rose very high Manu tied the ship to the horn of the fish. He passed over the northern mountain and the fish told him to tie the ship to a tree. When he desired offspring a woman was produced . Manu lived with her and procreated . the story is in Mahabharata and the Bible. Bible used the name Noah which is Nava in Sanskrit. Nava means new.

Here is a question that appeared in the Q and A column of Daily Mail



The second question is about the Music Scale from Daily Mail dated 22 July 1995.

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