SWAMI CROSSWORD 1562020 (Post No.8181)

SWAMI CROSSWORD 1562020 (Post No.8181)


Post No. 8181

Date uploaded in London – 15 June 2020       

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.

tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com


1. –(5 letters) one of the Seven Seers/Sapta Rishis; who brought fire; associated with Atharvans and Angiras

5. – (5) – English word Owl is derived from this Sanskrit word; Part of fifth of the Pancha tantras.

6. – (5) The seer who discarded his anger and hatred into sea and it is there as sub marine volcanic fire.

8– (5)- clan; Seven Rishis created seven clans

9.– (4)- means mother; goddess; daughter of Kasi Raja


1. — (8 letters)- snake that adorns Siva’s neck and serves as bed for Vishnu. Also the name for Cobra posture in Asanas.

2. –(4)- English word Hello came from this Sanskrit greeting which is sued by women characters in Sanskrit dramas to say Hello

3. –(6)- one of the 28 Saiva Agamas; also it means furious

4 – –(5)- one of the five vita airs beginning with U

7.– (4)—it means several medicinal plants such as ginger, Guduci, Haridra; also goes with seven days of the week; Day= XXX


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