SWAMI CROSSWORD 1962020 (Post No.8208)

golden rain


Post No. 8208

Date uploaded in London – 19 June 2020       

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.

tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com


1.—(5)- literary style and the works by such poets; Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa is an example

5.—(6)- means lotus; female name; beginning with N

7.—(5) – expansion, extension; in Sahasranama one of Vishnu’s 1000 names

8. – (4)- name of Varuna; demon, deity in Mahabharata; long sound carriage in Rig Veda

10.—(4)—means I ; famous statement …… Brahmasmi

11.—(6) – English word Question is derived from this word; In Kerala on type of astrological device


1. –(6) – means gold; Adi Shankara’s famous hymn of bringing Golden Shower has this word

2.– (5) girl’s name; guileless is the meaning

3. – (4) – boundary, sea shore; also Time

4. – (7)- Doctor, medicine man in most of the Indian languages

6. – (5) – nail in most of the Indian languages

9. – (4) – A Dynasty that ruled Bengal; also one who protects, guards; if it is short sound weight, measure.


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