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The wedding hymn in the Rig Veda (10-85) is one of the most interesting hymns in the whole Vedic literature. It has got beautiful quotable quotes, interesting details about botany, gold, Vedic Gods, puzzles, and psychological observations.

Amazing thing about this hymn is when all other Gilgamesh verses have gone into museums of the world , this hymn is reverberating in Hindu marriages even today. You can hear it almost fully in South Indian Brahmin Weddings. This hymn has 47 Mantras (verses). Since 5 day Hindu wedding is celebrated in half a day nowadays, main mantras only used now but  extra rituals  are added.

First let me give the QUOTES in bullet points:-

1.Quotable Quotes in the hymn RV 10-85

“Truth is the base that bears the Earth ; by Suurya are the heavens sustained”.

Another translation of the same mantra-

“By truth is the earth sustained and by the sun are heavens” .


“Thought was the pillow of her couch

And sight the unguent of her eyes,

Heaven and earth her treasure box

When Suuryaa went to her husband”.

(Bride’s name is (Miss) Suuryaa; all Hindu girls are portrayed as Suuryaa in Hindu weddings. Suurya (short sound ‘a’ is Sun; Suuryaa, long sound ‘aa’ is Sun’s daughter.).


Sun and Moon are going round like playing children:–

“One after another , by their power move these Two

And they go round like two playing children around the sacrifice.

One surveys all existing things, and the other

Ordering the seasons , is born again and again”

( Sun and Moon are playing around Earth like children playing around the wedding hall)


Husband 11th child

“Make her, thou bounteous indra

A good mother of sons; grant her

Good fortune; give her TEN SONS


(Newly married couple play around like little children till a child is born; they pay full attention to each other; they praise what each one does; as soon as a child is born 90% attention and affection of a woman is shown to the new born one; husband gets only 10% affection; not only that, husband is blamed for not caring for the baby: Vedic poets knew this woman’s mind. So they beg to the proud mother, please care for your husband as well even if you give birth to 10 children)



“Be a queen to thy father in law

A queen to thy mother in law;

A queen to thy husband’s sisters,

And a queen to thy husband’s brothers.”


Take care of the Pets and Cattle:-

Vedic poets were so kind to animals; they remind the bride about pets and cattle in husband’s house and ask her to look after them—

“May Prajapati bring forth children of us, may

Aryaman unite us together till OLD AGE,

Not inauspicious, enter thy husband’s house,

Be gracious to our BIPEDS AND OUR QUAREPEDS”.

(Throughout Sanskrit and Tamil literature, we read about cattle and pets raised by the women. Brahmin houses had Parrots as pets (bipeds) and Cows (quadrupeds). Other three communities had all sorts of animals in their houses. We have even references about donkeys raised by them).



Another amazing thing about the Wedding hymn in the Rig Veda (RV 10-85)  is the number of gods and goddesses mentioned in the hymn. No one could under stand them fully. The greatest of the Hindu commentators Sayana adds seven more names!

Griffith is always honest; he doesn’t pretend like Max Muller. In 47 mantra hymn he says THE MEANING IS UNCERTAIN at least three times! And in one more place he adds PROBABLY it is……………..

Other scholars are half baked; one fellow even pushed the hymn to appendix of the Vedas; either he is very jealous or a pukka idiot!.

Let me give the mysterious names now:-

Hindus worship Sun as God and Goddess (Savitri/Gayatri) every day. Brahmins does this thrice a day; in the Vedic days people of first three castes did this.

Here Savitr/Sun and his daughter Suuryaa are mentioned.

Foreigners are so confused about two words SOMA and INDRA , they bluffed through out their translation of 20,000 Vedic Mantras.

INDRA meant a Natural force (thunder, lightning, rain, cloud, rain bow) and a King, Leader, an engineer who diverted water, a Superman who cut the wings of Flying Mountains and husband of one woman Sasi or Indrani.

He is even called Bull etc. Without understanding this they attributed 1000 plus mantras addressed to Indra to one individual

Foreigners without understanding the meaning of SOMA , got confused and bluffed.

Here in this wedding hymn SOMA get all the three meanings-

Soma meant moon;

Soma meant life giving , rejuvenating, rare Himalayan herb;

Soma meant a bridegroom (Suuryaa being any bride)

In fact we use Soma in different meanings even today. It may be Monday or it may be Dhoti; Vedic Brahmins call white Dhoti a ‘Soman’.


Now to the Gods in the Mantra

1.Indra,2.Agni ,3.Mitra ,4.Varuna,5.Vayu, 6.Surya /sun, 7.Suuryaa – daughter of sun; bride, 8.Aaditya /sun

9.Soma /moon, 10.Asvin twins, 11.Savitaa/ saavitri

12.Visvaavasu, 13.Aryaman, 14.Bhaga,15.Puushan

16.Krityaa – evil spirit, 17.Purandhi, 18.Gandharva

19.Prajaapati, 20.Aapas, 21.Matarisvan

22.Dhaatri, 23.Deshtri – may be Sarasvati (this name comes only once in the whole Vedic literature)

24.Visvedevaah ,25 to 31 .Baarhatai (10-85-4) – though it is translated by many as Brihat Saaman, Sayana mentioned seven names for this such as Svaana, Braaja, Angaara etc


Metres in prosody

32.Brihati , 33.Narasaamsi , 34.Raibhi , 35.Kuriira

36.Rik / ric/ rig, 37.Saaman

Astronomical terms

38.Maagha, 39.Arjunis

Botanical terms

40.Kimsuka – flame of the forest –Delonix regia

41.Saalmali – silk cotton tree – Bombax malabaricum



In the whole world, only one community worships Grammar and Prosody, metres in poems, song (gaathaa), verse (Rik), Saman (musical mantra) etc in their everyday prayer. The above grammatical terms show this. In the Brahmin’s thrice a day Sandhyavandana rituals Grammatical terms and most of these Gods are worshipped.

The star names and botanical ( tree ) names add more significance. Saalmali (silk cotton trees are mentioned elsewhere as well. In lot of Rig Vedic hymns herbs are mentioned in general. Unfortunately, only Atharva Veda gives some herb names; not in Rig Veda.

In the second part of the article, I will explain why every Hindu girl is getting ‘four husbands’, evil eye, golden chariot, bridal procession as we see in Yazilikaya of Turkey, heart symbol, love songs, additions and omissions in the modern day half a day weddings etc

—to be continued

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