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This is my follow up to yesterday’s article ‘PARSU MYSTERY IN RIG VEDA; IRANIAN – YADAVA LINK.’

Of all the avatars of Vishnu, the most violent is the PARASURAMA Avatara. Other Avataras killed one or two demons but PARASURAMA exterminated generations of Kshatriyas to revenge his father’s death. The history of Persia is also as violent as the life of Parasurama. His name Parasu stands for AXE .He carries it on his shoulder for ever . Yesterday I refereed to Kuru of Iran/ Persia whose name was corrupted by the Greeks and English and today we know him as ‘Cyrus the Great’ 600 BCE.

We also met one Parsu in the Rig veda. So the Hindu names such as Kuru and Parsu were used very easily by the Hindus who migrated to Iran.

When did they migrate? Why did they leave India?

Did they migrate to Iran or did they come to India from Iran? Where is the proof?

Fortunately we have unassailable archaeological proof in the form of inscription from Bogazkoi ( Turkey- Syria border area ) and Dasaratha letters in Egypt. They are dated 1380 BCE or before that . The way they lined up the Hindu gods in a treaty between two kings of Mitanni  and Hittite showed that it was Rig Vedic mantra. Additional proofs came from Kikkuli’s horse manual with Sanskrit numbers. Egypt which didn’t know horse and other Hindu things suddenly started using them after the Pharoahs married Hindu girls. Dasaratha letters also known as Amarna letters have more details about it. Even Eka Nathan (Akhenaten) introduced One God (Sun Worship) in Egypt around 1400 BCE. That is why he was called ONE GOD= Ekanathan (corrupted as Akhenaten in Egypt)

Whatever I have said about Bhogazkoi, Dasaratha letters, Kikuli’s horse manual etc are available in all encyclopaedias including Wikipedia.

So what is new?

The migration is FROM INDIA to other places is confirmed by the above and the following points .

Who is Zoroaster What is Zend Avesta?

Kanchi Paramacharya (1894-1994) was not only great Saint but also a great linguist. He says,

“All castes have rites to be performed with the sacred fire. During marriage people belonging to all varnas must do Aupasana and the fire in which the rite is performed must be preserved throughout. Today only Parsis seem to keep up such a practice of preserving the fire. Their scripture is called Zend Avesta which name must have been derived from the Vedic Chando-vasta. Their teacher was Zoroaster /Zarathustra. This name must have been derived from Saurashtra. Their homeland is Iran/ Arya. If the fire kept by them is extinguished at any time they spend a good deal of money in expiatory rites.


My comments

When the Muslims started massacring the Pesians they came back to same Saurastra in Gujarat, where from their forefathers set out for Iran thousand or 2000 years ago. These Parsis helped India to make atom bomb and make progress in big industries. India also thanked them by issuing stamps to honour them.


Now let us look at the link between Parasurama and Iran

  1. Kalyana Raman in his excellent book ‘ARYATARANGINI’ says,

“The Persians were schismatics, if not avowed heretics. They decried the Vedas, and through their Prophet Zoroaster (circa 800 BCE) , formed their own religious code, popularly called the Vendidad (Sanskrit Vedavat) . The Avesta which corresponds to the Yajur Veda in some respects, exhibits a dualism in which good spirit, god, addressed as Ahura Mazda (Asura Mahatha), later corrupted into Oromazdes by the Greeks, is opposed by an evil spirit Angra Mainyu later identified with Ahriman ( Vedic god Aryaman). . All wild beasts and all creeping things on earth are zealously to be destroyed, as the offspring of the Evil One”.

Zoroaster made Varuna the chief God to be worshiped;

He made Indra an evil one . He praised Asuras and belittled Devas


He rejected cremation and asked the dead bodies to be thrown to the eagles . Parsis in Mubai still do it.

He abandoned Soma sacrifice, substituting pomegranate twigs for Soma;

He elevated Yama to a higher position and he was called Yima and his dog was honoured.

Hindus considered cow as sacred and Parsis considered dogs as sacred.

Their law book Vendidad says,

“The dog with four eyes is the faithful attendant of Yima, the principal god of the Asuras. Every Parsee corpse is first shown to a white dog with yellow ears— four eyes —- in order to chase away evil spirits from the body . The punishment for man slaughter is in the Vendidad was 200 stripes; for killing a puppy 500: a house dog 700; a shepherd’s dog 800; and 1000 for a hedge hog. Hedge hog kills all the creatures in the farm and help us.


The Persian kings had family priests whose surname was Usanasa. This is the name of Sukra, the Asura guru in Hindu Puranas. He clashed with Brihaspati, guru of Devas. Usanas was a great poet and his name became ancient even to Rig Vedic poets . Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says he is Ushana kavi among the poets. Even Greek Thucydides said that Persian king Xerxes had a chief counsellor called Usanas; in Greek, he corrupted the name as Oosaenes.

So the title Usanas was used for generations of family priests like Hindu priests Vasistha and Visvamitra. The Manu Smrti mentions that the offspring of a Brahmin father and a Sudra wife was called a Paraasava.

Sukra alias Usanava was a Bhargava, and in the Vedas Bhrigus are called fire  worshippers. They are closely allied to the Angirasas .

Jamadagni and Paradurama belongs to the Bhrgu clan.

Even the Deva guru Bhrihaspati came from the same family

Sangam Tamil literature called them TWO BRAHMINS (Iru Anthanar) .

LIke Drona taught both Kauravass and Pandavas , two brahmins from the same Gotra were teachers of Asuras and Suras.

Both of them have been there in all the Hindu scriptures. Asuras and Devas went together along with the humans to get message from the gods and God  said ‘D’’D’’ D’ three times. All the three races interpreted with three different ‘D’ words. This is in the oldest Upanishad.

And they were used to churn the Milky ocean to get Amrita. All these shows they have been living together from the beginning. Even today we see both Asuras and Devas amongst us. The beauty of Hinduism is that all the races in the world are recognised as brothers. Manu and Mahabharata give a long list of people and divided them as followers of Vedic dharma and non- followers.

So the Asura kings of Assyria, the pharaohs of Egypt. the Kassites and the Hittites are also part of one big Hindu family.

Aryatarangini and Kanchi Paramacharya give more details to show that the whole world was one family at one time. Kanchi Shnakaracharya explains the Veda followed in Greece and the origin of Yahwe/Jehova. He amazed the visiting Jewish rabbis at one time by showing the  similarities between the Torah and the Veda.

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