Interesting Cyanide Naming Case and Jews in Quran (Post No.8331)


Post No. 8331

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I am throwing away all the paper cuttings. Here are two interesting cuttings:-

Metro April 18, 2016

Thank goodness a court intervened to stop a baby being name Cyanide after the mother thought it was the poison that killed Hitler (My comment- LTTE also knows as Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka also used Cyanide poison to kill themselves whenever they are caught; Rajiv Gandhi’s killers also took Cyanide in Bengaluru; others are caught). Her  lawyers argued that refusing her permission to call her children what she liked violated her human rights.

I work with a health-visiting team and see ridiculous names  or spellings because the parents wanted something ‘different’, with no regard for their child’s future experiences. There need to be guidelines for registrars to stop this trend.

-Sharon Insull via Facebook

My comments – I see lot of Sri Lankans living in London giving names with wrong spellings, wrong meanings, sometimes completely having negative connotations. When I correct Tamil papers from other countries, I see funniest names.

Second letter:–

What is with names having a different spelling? My daughter is called Gyasmyn. (pronounced Jasmine) and so far nobody has forgotten how to say or spell it. I agree names like Cyanide or ridiculous but what is wrong with modern take on traditional names?

Layla Kendrick – Khafaga via Facebook.

There are more letters.

Background to the case

Can “Cyanide” be a name?

Date posted: 6 May 2016

Last month saw the press report on a landmark case in the Court of Appeal where a mother was prohibited from naming her children ‘Cyanide’ and ‘Preacher.’

Judgment in this case was given on 14th April 2016 in the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) by Lady Justice Gloster, Lady Justice King, and Lord Justice David Richards. The initial application was made by the relevant local authority.

The case involved a mother with a long standing history of mental health issues. She had previously had three children removed from her care and the case concerned her fourth and fifth children, who were twins. The twins were made the subjects of interim care orders shortly after birth in favour of the relevant local authority. Whilst in hospital, the relevant local authority was informed of the mother’s intention to register the children’s birth with the names ‘Cyanide’ and ‘Preacher.’ The local authority made an application to the High Court to prevent the children from being so named.


The Koran is to blame

To the Guardian

Anti- Semitism is on the rise, but above all it is an Islamic issue. While it is politically correct to be concerned  about caricatures of Mohammed, the fact that the Koran calls Jews cursed, traitors, the greediest of men, liars, corrupters and apes (to name but a few of the more nasty epithets) is never mentioned. It is not just the  Israel- Palestine issue that can turn Muslims to anti- Semitism. It comes straight out of the book held to be the direct word of God- even if it also contains calls to peace

Professor Emmanuel de Kadt, Utrecht University and Brighton

Published in The Week, 28 February, 2015



Metro , July 1, 2015

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