UNLEARN FIRST – Part 2 (Post No.8345)

WRITTEN BY R. NANJAPPA                        

Post No. 8345

Date uploaded in London – – – 15 July 2020   

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By R. Nanjappa


What about “Brahminism” ? Most people do not even know the meaning of the word, and the difference between it and  ‘Brahmanism’. The word ‘Brahmanism’ refers to Hinduism, which believes in “Brahman” as the ultimate Truth, as against Buddhism which believes in “Nirvana”. It is in this sense that scholars use the word. It is this Brahman  which unites all sects of the Hindus, though each gives its own interpretation! This need not surprise or disturb us as even a limited written modern document like the Constitution is subject to different interpretations by legal experts, or when two medical professionals differ in their diagnoses based on the same charts and data.

Now, is it true that the Vedas are fabrications of the Brahmins? We cannot gauge the depth of the idiocy or malice of the elements  which propagate such falsehood. The Vedas were revelations perceived by the Rishis, who were not all Brahmins! For instance, the Gayatri mantra, which is the life breath of the Veda was the discovery of Viswamitra, who was not a Brahmin! The main Avataras worshipped by Hindus- Rama and Krishna- are not Brahmins, while the Brahmin Avataras like Vamana or Parasurama go without worship, while even animal-Avataras like Matsya, Kurma and Varaha, and the half-animal, half man Narasimha are worshipped! And Brahma, may be the first Brahmin, is totally without  even a temple or worship!  The Upanishad records instances when Brahmins went to Kshatriya kings-Raja Rishis- to learn wisdom! The Ramayana and Mahabharata were not written by Brahmins! Valmiki, who wrote the Ramayana was a low caste hunter-thief from the forest, who turned Sage; the Mahabharata was composed by Vyasa, the son born of a fisher-woman!

Such blatant falsehood taught through the school system, controlled by the government, has strong and strange effects on the people. It systematically poisons people’s mind.  Since the majority of Indians are officially classified as “backward”, they nurture hatred towards others. And the so called “forward” communities, which in effect means the tiny group of Brahmins, have become diffident and defensive.  

But let the Brahmins examine their own family trees, their own social history, going back to 4 or 5 generations, before the British came, and before they were forced to take to service as means of livelihood. How many Brahmins were wealthy? Even now, how many Brahmins, who follow their traditional occupations are wealthy? How many Brahmins who are above 60 or 70 today can claim they are from well-to-do families? Did all their elders have college education?

In all such discussions, one vital factor is forgotten. Our social history is not studied. In the pre-British days, each one followed his occupation, the economy was based mainly on barter and mutual obligations, socially well-knit, there were not consumer goods or luxury items to spend money on. What would people do with money? Pre-British India did not follow a feudal system as in England. It was the British who introduced Zamindari system for their convenience, after the Permanent Settlement of 1793.

Beginning of Real Education

Real education for most of us therefore will begin only when we unlearn all the falsehood that is taught in our school system.

India is predominantly young, more than 50% of our population being under 25 years of age, and more than 60% under 35. Can one assess the damage that is done to the cause of true Indian nationalism by such false ideas foisted on young impressionable minds in the name of ‘education’?  So far, Indian Nationalists have failed to take up this challenge in an intelligent manner, and devise effective means to counter it. Young India is getting de-nationalised in the name of education, controlled by the government. Formal Education is unmaking India. There is urgent need for corrective, complementary and alternative education.

1.Regarding the Aryan invasion theory, the following entry from Encyclopaedia Britannica, corrected as on 11/3/2014 may be noted.

The Theory of an “Aryan race” appeared in the mid-19th century and remained prevalent until the mid-20th century. According to the hypothesis, the probably light-skinned Aryans were the group who invaded and conquered ancient India from the north and whose literature, religion and modes of social organization subsequently shaped the course of Indian culture, particularly the Vedic religion that informed and was eventually superseded by Hinduism.

However since the late 20th century, a growing number of scholars have rejected both the Aryan invasion hypothesis and use of the term Arya as a racial designation, suggesting that the Sanskrit term arya (noble or distinguished), the linguistic root of the word, was actually a social rather than an ethnic epithet.

It may be seen that ‘Aryan invasion’ was only a theory, a hypothesis even when it was held! Any elementary student of science knows that a theory or hypothesis is not a fact until proved! And so far, all the proofs have only been to the contrary! Yet politicians used the theory to divide the people- the Nazis under Hitler, as a counter point to the Semites, Colonial Britain in India to facilitate their rule, and Tamil politicians since then as a vote catcher. Probably, they do not even know, or care, that the very word “Dravid” is Sanskrit, no less than the word Arya! 

2. Regarding the British decision to quit India, one more factor is relevant. England had involved India in the Second World War, but when Japan turned towards Burma and India, England had to defend her, for which she had neither the means nor the will. By the end of the War, England had become a debtor to India! Churchill, staunch imperialist  that he was, did not like the colonial power having to pay the colony, instead of deriving monetary benefit from the colony- it went against the very logic of holding a colony! By the end of the War, India had become a liability and a burden, which they wanted to shed at the earliest!

Some recent books on the subject:

1. Madhusree Mukerjee: Churchill’s Secret War, Tranquebar Press, 2010
2. Alex Von Tunzelmann: Indian Summer, Henry Holt And Company,LLC, 2007.
3. Collected Writings of Dharampal- on the educational, social, economic state of India by mid-18th century. [ based on British archival records].(Other India Press, Mapusa, Goa, 2016)
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