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                                                 Chapter 4 – Part 3

                                                    R. Nanjappa

Some general Issues

In a separate chapter, the book deals with some general ideas on NGOs- their sources and

uses of funds; the decline of the West and what it means for India;the generally unrecognised role

of our own forms of charity ( in contrast to the much hyped Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who

operate charity for tax saving);  how mobile phones have created revolution in the services in Uninc.;

how to get the World Bank off our back; and interestingly, holds up Bollywood and BCCI as the

quintessential Uninc.-though govt is trying to control them!

Where do we stand

The role of India Uninc. in our economy  is very significant, but the politicians,Western oriented

planners, brainwashed bureaucrats, leftist intellectual crooks – each group has its own set of blinds on

its eyes, and prejudices on its mind.
The Western models- either state socialism or crony capitalism will not work here. The West forgot

two six-letter words: SAVING, and FAMILY. Precisely these have been our strength. Westerners

theorise  and invent models and expect people to conform. But this is not how people live or

economy functions.

More than 85% of our people are self or contract-employed. The share of India Uninc. in

national income, savings, capital formation,exports, employment, and also the growth rate

of our economy is high, but this is not adequately recognized by the ruling establishment.

The govt is just obsessed with some 40 to 50 big companies, FII, FDI as if these constitute

our whole economy! The govt and corporate sectors employ less than 15% of our people,

but govts concentrate on this!

More than 80% of the people are becoming socially vulnerable as the joint family system is breaking

down, but the govt is hardly aware! We are still following Western models, while the West itself is in


Where do we go?

The professor concludes with a remarkable statement:

“It is required that India go beyond Marx and Markets and thinks up a paradigm which 

accommodated the primacy of families and communities. We are relationship-based society

and to destroy it to make a fully rule based society may not work. We are an adaptive

society since we are heterogenous. We need to rework the idea of India to suit our own

ethos and thousands of years of culture and civilization. …India needs to show a third way

to the world in the coming decades. “

[Gandhiji showed such a third way- but it was discarded by Nehru and successive

governments, who put Gandhiji’s picture on currency notes!]

I have been a student of economics for 60 years. This is a very remarkable book, and has taught me 

Indian Economics As It Is. Indian economy has worked, is working, not because of govt, but in spite of it.

That is the genius of our people in the Uninc. sector!

The book is closely argued, every idea and argument is supported by statistics. There are no loose or

polemical statements . The book is full of statistics, and charts. But these are eminently readable, and

the book reads simple and straight, without resort to jargon. That tough ideas could be so simplified and

presented so straight is itself a sign of the grip the author has on the subject. The book is based on 

years of study and reflection. No matter what one’s background or interest is, one is sure to benefit by a

reading of it. This is an important book for any one who desires to be a truly informed and intelligent 

citizen of India. 

As a life -long  student of Indian Economics, I place this on top of my shelf. 

” The corporate tail seems to be wagging the dog of the Indian economy.”    


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