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DAVID FRAWLEY   has written in his book (year 1995) ‘GODS, SAGES AND KINGS’ about SRI YUKTESWAR’s new concept of Four Yugas.  Though it is 25 years old, it becomes relevant because of latest news about magnetic pole change. It is in the second part of this article.

Sri Yukeswar is a great man respected and followed by millions of people. He was born in Bengal and attained Samadhi in 1936 at Puri. His disciple Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda (1883-1952) is more popular because of his book ‘AN AUTHOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI’.  Yukteswar’s Guru was Lahiri Mahasaya and whose Guru was Baba Mahavatar. All these saints popularised Kriya Yoga and Tamils came to know about him through actor Rajni kanth.

According to Yukteswar, Dwapara Yuga is between 1699 CE and 4099 CE.

So Yukteswar’s theory cannot be ignored easily. Even Manu gives only small numbers for four Hindu Yugas – Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali.

Here are some bullet points from Frawley’s book:

  1. Satya Yuga known as Krita Yuga began in 11,501 BCE and finished in 6701 BCE, says Yukteswar

Manu existed at that time. Rig Veda is also dated around that date.

  • A Yuga Cycle consists of 24,000 years (12+12)
  • This 12,000 years is based on Manu Smriti(1-69-72) . Manu allocates, 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000 years for Krita to Kali. Sanskrit words for Yuga also meant 4,3,2,1 (Treta-3, dwa-2 etc). Manu beautifully explained that Dharma/ honesty loose one leg in every yuga . in Hindu symbolism the Holy Cow is with one leg in Kali Yuga.
  • Both Manu and Yukteswar allocate interval period between Yugas and it is known as Yuga Sandhi. Manu gave 10+10 percent for this interval and that is how we arrive at 12,000 years.
  • Manu is not the only person who gave different numbers. Even Atharva Veda gave 10,000 years for each yuga. But now we give very big numbers, the smallest being 4,32,000  years for Kali Yuga.
  • Probably different people used the same words with different numbers. Even English dictionary gives two numbers for Billion (100 crore and 1000 crore).
  • To avoid confusion, we have to look at them with correct interpretation.
  • Yukteswar gives 24,000 years for Earth’s precession instead of approximate 26,000 years.
  • Anyway all these numbers are related to the change of magnetic pole which is also interpreted differently by

different scientists. Please read the second part and my old article on the same subject (see the link below)



Second Part


Alanna Mitchell has published a book ‘The Spinning Earth’ in 2018 with latest details on the subject of Magnetic pole change (flipping of the Pole). She says the change has happened several times in the life of earth and the life continues without destruction. She discounts the fear that the change would destroy the life on earth ; the last change happened approximately 7,80,000 years ago. Next change cannot be predicted.

Sodium Liquid Globe in Maryland

But in my previous article I have shown one prediction that it would happen in 2030 and destroy life. Those who don’t know much about this, please read the National Geographic Interview with Alanna Mitchell and other scientists (see the link below) .

In short, the earth is a big magnet. It is a dynamo. Thousands of miles deep under our feet, the iron and nickel metals are boiling very hot. This liquid produces magnetism because the earth rotates on its axis. This magnetism only protects us from harmful radiation from the space. During the magnetic pole change the magnetic shield around may be weakened or completely disappear. In which case life on earth would be affected and all our electric and electronic equipment would go berserk. Migrating birds, whales, butterflies and fish use magnetism to navigate. If north pole becomes south pole , it would confuse them and eventually destroy them. Further research in this field is done through satellites and artificial earth dynamos. One such 30 ton globe with liquid sodium is in Maryland, USA. Current research shows more anomaly around South pole which covers 20 % of earth. But the magnetic north pole is moving slower. When it would flip, no one knows, according to Alanna Mitchell.

A radiation expert from Colorado University says life on earth would be affected, if the shield is weakened.

Now the question is what is the link between our Chatur Yugas (Four Eras) and this change; the numbers are interesting. Some numbers correlate with our Yuga calculations. All this needs further research.

For further information , please go to



Link to my old article

Science behind Hindu’s Four Ages (Chatur Yugas …

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