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In the Hindu Temples inside the cool Garba Griha (Sanctum sanctorum) a hanging lamp will be burning for ever. It is called Nandha Vilakku ( a lamp never extinguished). You can see in many South Indian Hindu Temples even today. All the fire that is needed for oven, puja is got from it.

In the olden days brahmin houses had Arani Wood. Two woods were used to create fire for Havans, Yagas and Yajnas (fire sacrifice) etc.

A Hindu stars daily fire worship from the day of his marriage. It is called Aupasana, Agni Hotra etc. The fire pot will have burning husk or coal for ever. Even when he dies the fire from that pot was used. Now times have changed. Many big cities have electric crematoriums where you get tha ash of dead body in a few seconds. 10,000 volts burn the body in a few seconds.

In Vadalur in Tamil Nadu a great Tamil saint by name Ramalinga Swamikal made an oven to feed the poor. Until today it is burning.

And in Yesterday’s Face book post by Ryas Murali Bhattachar, I read the following interesting information about another temple oven in Vrindavana which has been burning for nearly 500 years. Here is the detail-

“Ever imagined a temple operating without a matchbox since close to 500 yrs?

Yes, this is the furnace at Sri Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavana which was lit 478 years ago.
The furnace is used for literally everything from lighting the lamp to cooking the Lord’s Bhoga. Lit by Sri Gopal Bhatta Goswami – one of the 7 Goswamis of Vrindavana with the recitation of appropriate mantras. Hence, this temple operates without a matchbox”.

I have already written about the temple  kitchen in Puri Jagannath temple. In Hinduism, from shoe to oven, everything is hoy. Their life is like a kaleidoscope- ever changing with beautiful colours and new designs. The principles behind them are encyclopaedic!

From my Previous Post about Vadalur Oven:–

Free Food 24 Hours! (Posted on 24 March 2018 in this blog)

The Sikh Gurudwaras have Langar where one can have food at any time of the day. There is no bar on caste or creed. In the same way Vallalar Centre at Vadalur serve food to anyone all through the day. The ovens in the kitchen have been burning for about 150 years and they have never been put off. Whether one believes in his miracles or not, this can be seen with our own eyes.(Vallalar’s full name is Ramalinga Swamikal)

When I and my brother Prof.S S Suryanarayanan entered the Ashram, one person with Vibhuti  on his forehead came to us voluntarily and started talking about the greatness of Vallalar. We thought he was going to ask for money or donation. But he was very nice and  introduced himself as Nama Sudhama. Vallalar was not a Brahmin and this gentleman was also not a Brahmin. I was wondering about his name. He explained his name that was  in pure Sanskrit. Sudhama was his name and had added the prefix ‘Nama’ later  because he liked Nama Sivaya very much. He took us around the centre, the kitchen and the ever- burning oven. He gave us herbal coffee (sukku Malli Coffee) which is placed in a public place and anyone can drink it. He told us a fact that not all the people taking food there are after Vallalar’s teaching, but some came there just for the food. The oven is never extinguished. It has been burning from 1857.

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