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Date uploaded in London – –6 NOVEMBER 2020   

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Gnanamayam’s second Tamil broadcast ‘THAMIL MUZAKKAM’ went on air yesterday 5th November 2020. Dr K Kalyanasundaram of Lausanne, Switzerland gave an excellent talk on Project Madurai. It is a project launched in 1990s and now has over 800 Tamil books with 1800 files, available through internet.

The success of the broadcast  surprised Gnamayam team with 700 hits within a few hours.

Dr Kalyanasundaram is a scientist and lectures on his subject Chemistry. But his passion for Tamil led him to deeply involve in creating Tamil font for internet and archiving and digitizing  old Tamil Literature. It all started with volunteers under his leadership and grown into a big banyan tree.

We know that millions of rupees are poured into universities to create such websites; but the volunteers under Kalyansundaram have done a marvellous job even before the universities. And he explained their future projects– to give all the books via mobile and e books. The wonder of wonder is everything is free. Any one can get access to all that is in Tamil literature from Sangam age to Bharati and beyond.

Gnamayam has requested him to give further talks about his training offered to Tamil schools in Switzerland and his work in the field of science.

Before his interview-cum talk Mr Balasubrahmanyan recited the prayer. Bharati’s song Vaazka Thamil Mozi was played (Music set by Mrs Harini Raghu of London and rendered  with musical instruments by Needamangalam Mrs Jayashri Umasankar and troupe)

Thiruppugaz was rendered by Mrs Jayanthy Sundar and her disciples Mrs Srividhya Sriram, her daughter Sneha of Langley and Keerthana Ramalingam of Shencottai in Tamil Nadu. Mr Sathyarthi Chandrasekaran also recited a Thiruppugaz song.

After the talk Mrs Daya Narayanan of London recited Alvar Pasurams in her melodious voice. Mrs Sarasvathy Chandrasekaran of Guildford sang her favourite Bharati song.

Little girl Rithika Premumar and a famous devotional singer Kovai Suresh Guruji had sent their video recordings for broadcasting.

Co Producer Mrs Vaishnavi Anand presented the programmes along with producer London Swaminathan . Co producer Sri Kalyanasundara Sivacharyar and Studio Engineer Harrow Sridhar coordinated the programmes well beforehand.

See you all on Monday at 1 pm London Time and 6-30 pm Indian Time at

If you want to join our broadcasting team or present any programme please contact us. We will send you the zoom link. But you can watch live programme by visiting



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  1. santhanam nagarajan

     /  November 7, 2020

    Excellent we expect the great concordance. when will it be ready?
    and also would like to have one small CD which contains everything!
    where could we get it and how much to pay? Where to pay?
    We really appreciate your great efforts. In my experience all people are asking money to share the datas or files or books.
    Many sites are taking the books from!!
    yours is “prathi palan ” ethir paramal seyyum arum pani.
    I pray Goddess Meenakshi to bestow her choicest blessings on you and your team members.
    all the best
    will eager to hear your voice in the next programme.

  2. Paramasivam Natarajan

     /  November 7, 2020

    I am thrilled

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