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Renowned archaeologist and historian Dr R Nagaswamy  emphasized that temple properties shouldnot be used for any other purpose other than the purpose mentioned in the inscriptions. He showed proof from Tamil inscriptions in the temples. Speaking in Gnanamayam channel, he read from several inscriptions and explained the word ‘Udaiyaar’.

The Tamil word ‘Udaiyar’ means holder, owner or belonging to. He took Tiruvotriyur Inscription and elaborated on it. When Manikka vasagar said Tennaattudaiya Sivane Potri he meant the whole of South Country belongs to Lord Siva.

Some inscriptions used the word Udaiyaar two times which meant belonging to temple and belonging to entire town. It goes in grades like taluk level/ vala naadu, mandalam/district level, naadu/whole region. He told the listeners that it is illegal to sell the lands to any other purpose other than that mentioned in the temple inscriptions.


My Comments

Those who fight the cause of the temples should approach Dr R N and get relevant points from the inscriptions and Tamil literature. For instance, If my grandfather has written a will that his properties should go to so and so or such and such purpose, the court considers it a legal document. Likewise Tamil inscriptions clearly mentioned the purpose for which the lands and other properties were donated to the temples. It is called Deva Dhaanam. For over a 1000 year period they were considered holy edicts. Now we see lot of temple properties and lands were sold or allocated for secular use, that too at a throw away price. Hindus must create awareness and preserve their temples.

Dr R Nagaswamy speaks in Gnanamayam channel every week.

You can listen to his 15 minute speech at facebook.com/gnanamayam

Please visit facebook.com/gnanamayam and listen to his full speech.


Other Highlights of 16-11-20 Broadcast

Mrs Sawmya Gokulakrishnan of Colombo, Sri Lanka rendered the prayer song

World Hindu News Round up in English read by Mrs Sujatha Renganathan (see separate report posted yesterday)

World Hindu News Round up in Tamil read by Mrs Vaishnavi Anand (see separate report posted yesterday).

Thiruppugaz by Mrs Jayanthi Sundar, Keerthana, Sundaresan Ramesh and Srimathy Srilatha Sainath.

Dr R Nagaswamy’s Talk

Mr S Srinivasan of Chennai spoke on Saneeswaran and gave an encyclopaedic information on Navagraha Nayakan Sani (See full report given separately).

Mrs Brhannayaki Sathyanarayanan spoke on Mathura Temple (her article is posted separately).

Dr Kannan spoke on Tamil Vaishnavism.

Earlier Vaazka Thamil Mozi by Subrahmanya Bharati was broadcast; music set by Mrs Harini Raghu of London and sung by Needamangalam Mrs Jayashree Umashankar of Chennai.

 C U all every Sunday and Every Monday at the same time—1 pm London Time, 6-30 pm IST.

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