Pickpocket & Witness Anecdotes(Post No.9430)


Post No. 9430

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Great Pickpocket

The same character ( the pickpocket) was one of Leibovitz’s first cash clients . When he had come to the lawyer he had flashed a hundred dollar bill and handed it over as a retainer. He insisted that he had been framed.

“This guy says he felt my hand in his pocket. He is a liar. I have been a pickpocket for 24 years and no man ever felt my mitt in his kick”.

When the client departed after this first interview, Leibowitz felt for the precious hundred dollar bill. No bill.

He hunted through all his pockets, and was in the act of crawling under the desk when his client walked back in.

I told you it was a frame-up, said the man I want you to have your heart in this case . You can see for yourself he is a loser.

Wherewith he once again paid the 100 dollars.


Preacher was preached!

The rev. Mathew Wilks, the celebrated London preacher, got caught in a shower in Billingate where there was a number of women dealing in fish; they were using the most profane and vulgar language.

Don’t you think? said Mr Wilks with the greatest deliberation and solemnity,

I shall appear as a swift witness against you in the Day of Judgement?

I presume so, said one, for the biggest rogue always turns State’s evidence.


Strange Phrases

Samuel Leibovitz once discredited a witness whose testimony has a critical bearing on the case at hand . The person in question was a lug of the dese,dem,and dose variety . On two occasions in the course of a long testimony, the witness popped out with the most unusual phrases, one of them,

‘I heard a weird, uncanny sound, a gasp, a cackle’, and the other,

 ‘He was all a- flutter’.

 Leibovitz insisted that nothing but the work of a coach or an animal trainer could have put such phrases in the witness’s mouth. He was thus able to demonstrate perjury and the repeating of a prepared story.


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