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Kumbh Mela begins formally in Haridwar

The Kumbh Mela formally began in Haridwar on Thursday with several restrictions imposed on devotees coming to attend the event amid rising cases of Covid-19 in various states including Uttarakhand.

Officials associated with organising the event, including Mela Officer Deepak Rawat, worshipped in temples along the banks of the Ganga to pray for a safe and unhindered Kumbh fair.

A negative RT-PCR test report not older than 72 hours before arrival has been made mandatory for devotees gathering for the Kumbh by the Uttarakhand High Court.

The high court has also asked the health authorities in Haridwar to ramp up testing from 5,000 per day to 50,000.

It is for the first time in the history of the grand religious congregation held on the banks of the Ganga in Haridwar once in 12 years that its duration has been curtailed to just one month due to the pandemic.

In normal circumstances, Kumbh is held for nearly four months.

A total of 38 temporary hospitals with the deployment of 200 doctors and 1,500 paramedical staff have also been operationalised for devotees in the Mela area.

Officials say over 2 crore devotees may visit Haridwar between April 11 and April 14. Earlier estimates said only 50-60 lakh people will congregate for the Haridwar event. 

More than 100 drones will be monitoring the congregation round the clock along with 1500 CCTVs.


Unhappy with Kumbh arrangements, seers ‘assault’ official

Unhappy with the arrangements at their camp in Kumbh area, the Bairagi seers of Nirmohi Akhada on Thursday evening allegedly assaulted a mela official.

Additional Mela Officer Harveer Singh, who suffered an injury in eye, had visited the camp of Nirmohi Akhada seers to find out if they were satisfied with the arrangements in the camp.

The seers apparently had some complaints and somebody pushed the official from behind as he was talking to them, Mela IG Sanjay Gunjyal said.

Singh had his glasses on when he was pushed which broke causing an injury to his eye, he said.

The entire episode is being probed, Gunjyal said.


PM Modi visits Madurai’s Meenakshi Amman temple in traditional attire

Wearing traditional attire, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayers at Madurai’s famous Meenakshi Amman temple on Thursday.

After landing at the Madurai International Airport, Modi reached the temple around 8.30 pm wearing a dhoti and shirt.

He was seen entering the shrine through Amman Sannidhi Entrance of East Chithirai Street and welcomed by temple authorities, priests with Parivattam, and ‘Poorna Kumba Mariyathai’.

During his 45 minute-long stay inside the premises, Modi  visited all the important shrines inside the temple .

He was briefed about the sculptures and historical significance of the temple. Later, vibhuti and kumkum were given as prasad to the Prime Minister.

After his visit, Modi wrote about the importance of Tamil Nadu and Madurai in the visitors’ book and lauded the significance of the temple.

Security had been tightened and many policemen were deployed before his arrival at the temple.


Water is sacred’: Karnataka schoolgirl’s documentary wins UN storytelling competition  

Manavattira Yashmi Dechamma, a ninth grade student, has been selected for the UN Ocean Decade Summit to be hosted in Hawaii soon

The earth is already in a bad state and it will be inherited by us tomorrow. We want to breathe the same pristine air that our grandparents breathed,” said Manavattira Yashmi Dechamma, a ninth grade student who has been selected for the UN Ocean Decade Summit to be hosted in Hawaii soon. Yashmi earned this opportunity after her documentary on the theme ‘Water is sacred’ won the H2021 Water Summit storytelling contest in the 13-17 age group category.

A native of Nelaji village in Kodagu, Yashmi is currently pursuing her studies in Acharya Vidya Kula in Mysuru. During the lockdown, when the world took the virtual path, Yashmi was introduced to the UN Ocean Decade Summit and she took part in the programmes conducted by the initiative

She was then introduced to the H2021 Water Summit where she attended virtual sessions for four consecutive weekends and it is here she learnt about the story telling competition. “Each session was based on a particular theme. The theme ‘Water is sacred’ was close to me as I am from the Kodava community and we worship the River Cauvery,” she said.

Yashmi visited Kodagu and took some beautiful shots of the river. With a Kodava song playing in the background of the video, she highlighted the sorry state of the river today – which has become a victim of pollution. The video then moves to highlighting the efforts of youngsters in reviving the river and ends with a strong message — ‘Let us heal her (River Cauvery) and not fix her’.

“I have heard my mother explain the beauty of Kodagu that existed during her childhood. The district witnessed heavy rainfall then too. However, it is only now that the incessant rainfall is causing destruction and damage said Yashmi Dechamma.



TTD reinstates retired priests

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has issued orders reinstating all the Pradhana Archakas / Archakas (Chief Priests/Priests) belonging to the Mirasi families, who were forcibly retired in May 2018 under the previous TDP regime by the then TTD Trust Board which fixed a retirement age for them. As per the orders issued Friday, all the priests, who are similarly situated and retired under the controversial decision in May 2018, will be restored to their earlier respective positions. The orders were issued as per the High Court judgement delivered in December, 2018.

With this, Dr AV Ramana Deekshitulu will return as the chief priest of the famous hill shrine. Members of the Gollapalli, Peddinti, Tirupathamma and Paidipalli families have been serving at the Tirumala temple for generations on hereditary basis. What the controversial decision of the board under the TDP regime did was to do away with the hereditary system in a way by fixing retirement age for them. 

The same was challenged in the high court the same year by two priests, Seshadri and Murali, who were forcibly retired. In its verdict, the high court had held the TTD decision fixing retirement age for hereditary priests unconstitutional and ruled that hereditary priests belong to a special category intended as custodians of a temple’s customs and traditions, and cannot be treated as normal employees.

However, the court order was not implemented at the Tirumala temple. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who was at the time in the opposition, had promised to restore the hereditary priests if he was voted to power. In line with his promise, the State government had last year issued orders restoring hereditary archakas at all the temples but the same could not be implemented in Tirumala as it is governed by TTD rules. Dr AV Ramana Deekshitulu, however, was appointed as Agama advisor and honorary chief priest.A few days prior to the TTD’s latest order, several priests from Tirumala had met Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Restrictions back in Tirumala as Covid-19 cases rise in Andhra Pradesh

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Andhra Pradesh, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) board, which manages affairs of the Sri Venkateswara temple atop Tirumala has announced new norms for pilgrims, as a precautionary measure.

Pilgrims having a darshan slot on a particular day will be allowed to enter Tirumala by road through Alipiri only after 1 pm on the day before the darshan slot. Through the Alipiri and Srivari Mettu footpaths, pilgrims will be allowed only after 9 am on the day before the darshan slot. 

The Tirumala temple, governed by the TTD, is one of the most popular Hindu shrines in the world.

The number of devotees visiting the temple on a daily basis was initially capped at 6,000, and later increased to a maximum of 12,000. With restrictions eventually relaxed, Tirumala now has around 50,000 pilgrims on an average visiting the temple on a daily basis.


At 47%, Hinduism biggest gainer in religious conversion in Kerala


Of the total 506 people who registered their ‘change of religion’ with the government, 241 were those who converted from Christianity or Islam to Hinduism.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: While the BJP, in its election manifesto, has promised an Uttar Pradesh model law against forceful religious conversion and ‘love jihad’ in Kerala to woo Hindu and Christian voters, the data sourced by NEW INDIAN EXPRESS from the government gazettes paint an altogether different picture.

According to official figures for the year 2020, the biggest gainer – in terms of new converts – was Hinduism. People who embraced Hinduism constituted 47 per cent of religious conversions in Kerala during the one-year period under reference. 

Of the total 506 people who registered their change of religion with the government, 241 were those who converted from Christianity or Islam to Hinduism. A total of 144 persons adopted Islam whereas Christianity received 119 new believers in the year, shows the data.

32 people left Islam for Hinduism

As per the rule, people who officially change their religion, including minors, have to advertise it in the gazette. 72% of the new converts to Hinduism were Dalit Christians, mostly Christian Cheramars, Christian Sambavas and Christian Pulayas. It was evident that lack of reservation benefits forced many Dalit Christians to re-embrace Hinduism. Also, 32 people left Islam to join Hinduism.

Christianity lost 242 believers to the other two religions and attracted only 119 persons. Islam gained 144 new believers and lost 40 during the period. Buddhism received two new believers who switched from Hinduism.

77% of the new converts to Islam were Hindus and 63% women. It attracted the highest number of persons from Ezhava, Thiyya and Nair communities. 25 persons, including 13 females, switched from Hindu Ezhava to Islam.

17 Thiyya community members including 11 females converted to Islam. 17 persons including 12 females were from the Nair community. Of the 33 persons who crossed over to Islam from Christianity, 9 were Syrian Catholics, who included two women. 


Mathura’s Krishna temple deity lies buried under a mosque in Agra Fort, claims advocate

An advocate has filed the application as part of his lawsuit seeking the shifting away of the 17th century Shahi Masjid from near the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

A Mathura-based advocate has moved a court here claiming that the ‘principal deity’ of the Thakur Katra Keshav Dev temple in the city lies buried beneath the staircase of a mosque built in Diwan-e-Khas of the Agra’s Red Fort.

In his plea filed in the court of Senior Civil Judge Neha Banaudia, advocate Mahendra Pratap Singh has requested the court to direct the Archaeological Survey of India or any other competent authority to locate the principal deity, allegedly buried under the mosque’s staircase along with other idols, and retrieve them.

The advocate has filed the application as part of his lawsuit seeking the shifting away of the 17th century Shahi Masjid from near the birthplace of Lord Krishna in the Katra Keshav Dev temple here, Sanjay Gaur said.

He said the court has fixed April 19 for hearing Singh’s plea.



Mathura: Devotees gather in huge number to play ‘Kapda Fad’ Holi

Hundreds of devotees gathered and played ‘kapda Fad’ or ‘Huranga’ in in the premises of Dauji Temple in Baldeo area of Mathura district on Tuesday (March 30).

This is a different type of Holi played by people in Dauji Temple known as Holi Khasam Huranga. The sister-in-law tears the clothes of her brother-in-law and beats them fiercely. People from all over the country reach here to see and play this form of Holi.

This type of Holi was played by Lord Krishna with his sister-in-laws. The expenses of this festival are covered by the Dauji Temple authorities. This Huranga festival does not end until the flag at the top of the temple is not covered with different colours.


Sheetala Ashtami 2021 to be observed TODAY:

On the day of the Sheetala Ashtami, fresh food is not cooked and devotees consume stale food prepared a day prior

Sheetala Ashtami is a festival in Hinduism that is celebrated after Holi on the Krishna Paksha Ashtami. Also known as Basoda, Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated worshipping Goddess Sheetala.

This year, Hindu devotees are celebrating the festival on TODAY, 4 April.

It is believed that Goddess Sheetala blesses her devotees and defends them against any heat-borne disease. Legend says that a demon called Jwarasura was the carrier of diseases when he was born. Goddess Sheetala cured the illnesses, causing him to lose powers. This is why Goddess Sheetala is worshipped as the goddess who can cure diseases.

On the day of the Sheetala Ashtami, fresh food is not cooked. Devotees consume stale food that is cooked a day prior to the Ashtami. A day before Sheetala Ashtami which is Sheetala Saptami, devotees prepare a dish of jaggery and rice to offer Goddess Sheetala on Sheetala Ashtami.




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tags — Hindu News, Roundup4421

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