Similes in Tamil Poet Tayumanavar’s Songs – Part 3 (Post No.9647)


Post No. 9647

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This is the third and last part

Axle-pin of Temple Car

Whatever may be happening to the soul, its original taint of sim remains as unmoving as the axle-pin of a temple car.



God as the soul’s lover approaches the grace-matured soul in the same way as a bee goes to the open flower and not to the bud



God is active in man’s spirit as the beetle in the lotus bud.

It is to those who, like the beetle in a bud, find themselves attracted towards the fragrance of the flower Mownam/silence that God gives blessing.



The soul in its original condition is startled into remembrance and sense impressions as a child in the cradle when pinched on its thigh feels pain.

Apart from God the soul is as a motherless child.

The soul feels God’s protection as a child is aware of its mother’s.

The devotee in times of depression feels lonely as a child slumbering in its cradle.



God is a cloud grace laden and descending on the devout in abundance of blessing.

God is the cloud watering the true religions.



The poet fears that his critics may look upon his verse s as light as cotton.

The mind is moved about as a piece of cotton in the wind.



The soul, like a calf whose bleating s attract the cow, calls to God .

As the cow will seek out her lost calf, so God cares for souls.

As the cow is tender towards the calf , so God feels for souls.



As crows are put to flight by a stone thrown at them , so grace dispels Karma.

Crows feed together with other crows, so let all men come together to feed on the abundance of grace.

The Saints flee from the very words of worldliness asacrow at sight of a stone.



God assumes human shape to win men just as a tame deer is employed to decoy other deer



The words are held up in space as marvellously as a magician balances on his hand eggs piled one top of another.



When closest to God and not to know Him to be so near is like the trainer looking inside an earthen pot for the elephant which is already in his keeping.

The uncontrolled mind is like a wild elephant.

By association with God man will be able to use divine wisdom as a man directs a once wild elephant


Desire is a forest in which one is likely to lose his way



As the pent up fragrance in the flower diffuses itself under a full moon when its time for doing so has come, so does joy possess the spirit of the grace matured.

God is in the soul as fragrance in the flower.

God is in all life and matter as fragrance in the flower.



Earthly ties are like acquaintances at a fair, meeting s in the market place.



As gold refined in the fire are those who daily disciplines their mind.

Grace transmutes the soul into the gold of Deity.



Unrealities are likened to the horn of a hare, lotus in mid-air and a mirage.



The senses are to the soul as those who with bow and arrows seek game.

The figure of the soul being beset by the senses as an animal by hunters is used in the Bodham/ Sutra 3



The soul is drawn to god as iron by a magnet

(please read the similes given in the first two parts)


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