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Mantra 8 out of 25

Here we get remarkably interesting and mysterious details.

Asvini devas are praised for making the blind see and the lame walk.

There is a famous sloka in Sanskrit –

मूकं करोति वाचालं पङ्गुं लङ्घयते गिरिं ।

यत्कृपा तमहं वन्दे परमानन्द माधवम् ॥

Muukam Karoti Vaacaalam Panggum Langghayate Girim |

Yat-Krpaa Tamaham Vande Param-Aananda Maadhavam ||


1: (I Remember with Devotion the Divine Grace of Krishna Who can make the) Dumb speak with Eloquence and the Lame cross high Mountains,

2: I Remember and Extol that Grace which flows from the Supreme Bliss manifestation of Madhava.

This happened in many saints’ lives. Great Tamil saint Kumara Gurupara became a great poet though he was born dumb. Muka kavi also become eloquent. But the origin of such miracles is in the Rigveda .

Paravrj is mentioned in this mantra. Sayana said that was the name of a seer ; but Benfey explains the word as setting sun. This is the difference between a true Hindu and a foreigner.

The same mantra says Asvins saved a quail swallowed or seized by a wolf. Yaska , as quoted by Sayana, explained it as dawn swallowed by sun; Benfey explained it as the sun after setting.

My interpretation

If 20 plus foreigners can comment on Vedic hymns, why shouldn’t I who recite Vedic mantas everyday?

A lot of birds and animals are portrayed in the Rigveda. Falcons and eagles bringing Soma plant to seers, deer and other animals helping seers, wolf behaving mysteriously and here quail saved by a wolf are some of thee animal stories.

I interpret it in two ways-

  1. It is solar eclipse. Like the puranas and 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature describe the lunar eclipse as Snake demon Rahu devouring moon, here quail devoured by wolf is nothing but solar eclipse.
  2. The falcon-soma story, wolf-quail story show that the animal fables originated in Vedic period. Neither Aesop nor Vishnu sarman of Pancha tantra claim credit for animal fables.

Mantra 9

Here we come across four people or seers who received Asvins’ help.

They are Vasistha, Srutarya, Kutsa and Narya. We don’t get any more details about two of the four seers. This shows Vedas were very ancient. Also the words Asvins bringing light, ocean of air are not satisfactorily explained. 

Mantra 10 – artificial metal leg

Two miracles of Asvins are often repeated.

1.Asvins sea adventure in big ship to rescue Bhujyu, son of Tugra.

2.Vispala getting artificial metal leg.

Hindus were far advanced in medicines than any other ancient community. We have huge volumes of medical books written by Susruta and Charaka. Susruta not only mentioned 100s of surgical instruments but also gave the details of artificial/plastic nose surgery. Tamil literature says that a Pandya king was given a golden hand when he cut his hand to punish himself. The king knocked at the door of a Brahmin’s house by mistake and so he cut his hand off. We come to know about fixing artificial hand from this anecdote. Like ‘ayas’ in Rigveda ‘pon’ in Tamil also mean a  metal. So the Pandya might have had some metal hand or may be golden hand.

Aprat from this, we have names such as Mr Gold hand, i.e. Hiranya Hasta in the Rigveda. God is also described as Doctor and Medicine, i.e Bhishak and Besajam in the Vedas. So there is no wonder Vispala getting prosthetic leg several thousand years ago!

Another seer Vasa is mentioned in the mantra. So many names and so many anecdotes in one hymn!

Mantra 11

This describes the help the business community received from the Twins- Asvini Devas. Dirghshravas, Ausija re the names of businessmen. They were seers as well. It is very strange to find Rishis/ Seers doing business.

To be continued ………………………………..

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