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Mantra 16 (RV.1-112-16)

Mantra 16

Here we come across Sayu, Atri, Manu and  Syumarasmi

All are Rishis/ seers or Rajarishi.

Name of Manu is interesting.

Brahmins ,in their rituals, are following a wonderful system. No culture uses such historical and geographical matter in their day-to-day ritual.

Brahmins or priests say in what part of the world and on what date, and at what time of the day and where exactly they do it. And also say why they do it. It is better than google map location finder.

There comes our great Manu.

Brahmins say that they do it in the period of Vaivasvata Manu. He is the 14 th Manu.

If you calculate the ‘manvantrara periods’ it coincides approximately with the origin of human beings. There are other Manus featured in the Rigveda. No one has done a study of those Manus. I have written a research article about the mysterious Manus.

Now the question is what the connection between Manu Smrti and these Manus is.

My opinion is that the present Manu is connected with the Smrti. But it was constantly updated like we update our constitution with amendments passed in the parliament. Manu Smrti mentioned ‘wading against the flowing Sarasvati river as one of the punishments’. So we can place it before Vyasa, i.e. 3150 BCE , when the Vedas were compiled and classified into four Vedas.

That helps us to determine the period of this hymn, i.e. pre Vyasa period.


Atri and Sayu were already mentioned.

Sayana says about Manu, 

This Raja Rishi was taught by the Asvins the art of cultivation. So Vedic Hindus were not nomads. They were agriculturists and 100s of references to cultivation in the Vedas prove it.

Who is Syuma rasmi?

He is said to have been a Rishi/seer.

He is the author of hymns 77,78 of tenth mandala/book 

Sayu is referred to in 1-116-20 and 1-117-20

Atri is in this verse 1-112-7

Manu is referred to in innumerable verses.

Foreigners are silent about Manu because it goes all against their hypotheses.

Manu is referred to as Nova in the Bible and other Flood stories of ancient cultures 

This is also a proof that Hindus migrated to different parts of the world with the torch of civilisation.


Mantra 17

Very interesting because we see the jokes cracked by foreigners, ie, the clowns, comedians and jokers

We come across a person named PATHARVAA in this mantra.

Sayana says he is a Rajarishi.

Rajarishi s are priest kings like Visvamitra.

Manu was also a king with the name Satyvratan in the Dravida desa. He was the one collected every variety of plants and animals and saved all from extinction.

Patharvaa also is one such Rishi.

Benfey interpreted this word as Flying Horse !

Ludwig interpreted this word as name of strong hold which the Asvins saved from burning !!

As usual Griffith escaped by saying that ‘the passage is difficult to translate’. But all foreigners say Sayana is wrong.

This is why I call them jokers.

It is like the bricklayer in my village looking at the picture of a New York skyscraper and commenting it as a wrong sand castle.

Throughout the Vedas, ‘the gang of Max muller’ interpreted 100s of words like this. Contradicting the Vedas or Sayana they bluffed and bluffed.

We have to agree with Sayana and see PATHARVAA as a Vedic king.

Saryata is another name we see in this mantra. He is the son of Vaivasvata Manu 

So far we have come across many kings names.

To be continued…..

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