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(Please see earlier posts in this series (Ganesh/Pillayar, Skanda/Murugan, Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Lakshmi)

Sarasvati is the Goddess of Wisdom. She is also the goddess of Speech and Learning. She is the most favourite goddess of all students. They worship her for good achievements and success into their studies.

She is the wife of Brahma, the God of Creation. Her other names are Vak Devi

She is presented in pure white colour. Her favourite flower is white white lotus and her favourite bird or her Vahana is white swan. She is seated on a white lotus surrounded by swans and lotuses. She is the goddess of all arts. Her hands always play on Veena, the Hindu musical instrument. She wears a white sari

Vedic Hindus named a mighty river Sarasvati. Sarasvati has four hands. She holds Vedas in her left-hand, a rosary in the other hand . With the other hand s she plays on Veena.

She has a shrine in all the temples . There are lot of stories about her helping the un

Learned people. If she writes in anyone’s tongue then that person becomes a great scholar. A tamil saint by name Kumaraguruparar was born dumb. But after worshipping Sarasvati he gained the power of speech. He managed to compose even poems in Tamil. It is called Sakala Kala Valli Malai.

If someone is very good in writin or speaking people believe Srasvati wrote in his or her tongue. The meaning is Sarasvati is resdiing in that person.

Great Tamil poet Bharati, greatest of the Indian poets Kalidasa are some examples.

Bharati also meant Sarasvati. Many Sanyasis’ names in the Shankara Mutts end with Bharati or Sarasvati. Their speeches are great.

In Tamil Nadu there is a temple for Sarasvati in Kothanallur; Saradambal, another name for Sarasvati, is in Sringeri in Karnataka.

Please recite the attached sloka/hymn everyday before you start your reading or writing work.

सरस्वति नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणि ।

विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा ॥

Sarasvati Namastubhyam Varade Kaama-Ruupinni |

Vidya Aarambham Karissyaami Siddhir-Bhavatu Me Sadaa ||


Salutations to Devi Saraswati, Who is the giver of Boons and fulfiller of Wishes,

I begin my Studies, Please bestow on me success always.

The meaning is that I should understand everything correctly and follow it or use it successfully in my life.

You may also recite the simple Mantra when you see Sarasvati statue in the temple or in your Prayer room:-

Jaya Sarasvati Jaya Sarasvati Jaya Sarasvati Paahimaam

Sri Sarasvati Sri Sarasvati Sri Sarasvati  Rakshamaam


Two verses from Sakala kalaa valli maalai in Tamil

தூக்கும் பனுவல் துறைதோய்ந்த கல்வியும் சொற்சுவை தோய்
வாக்கும் பெருக பணித்தருள்வாய் வட நூல் கடலும்
தேக்கும் செழுந்தமிழ் செல்வமும் தொண்டர் செந்நாவினின்று
காக்கும் கருணைக் கடலே சகலகலா வல்லியே.

மண்கண்ட வெண்குடைக் கீழாக மேற்பட்ட மன்னரும் என்
பண் கண்ட அளவிற் பணியச் செய்வாய் படைப்போன் முதலாம்
விண்கண்ட தெய்வம் பல்கோடியுண்டேனும் விளம்பில் உன்போல்
கண்கண்ட தெய்வம் உளதோ சகல கலா வல்லியே



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