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World’s first history book is the Rigveda. The Ten Kings War is referred to very often in many mandalas/books. Lot of kings’ names are in the Ten Mandalas of the RV.

World’s first Animal Fable book is the Rig Veda. Here we see several animals and birds pulling the chariots of Asvins. Here we see falcons bringing Soma plant, birds are helped by gods to escape from the mouth of wolves;

Here we see animals roaming the forests freely. Lions and deer are used as similes.


Forest Fires

In almost all ‘Agni’ verses, Forest Fire is beautifully and graphically described.

The description of the forest fires is very realistic. The seers must have seen such fires. This shows that they have not lived just around the rivers or riverbanks. A lot of them might have been doing penance at the foothills of the Himalayas or other hill areas. This gives a severe blow on the Western idiots, who now and then add a comment saying that “it shows Aryan migration from North West to East”. To explode their idiotic theories Indra was given the direction East and Varuna was given west which is the seaside for Ancient Hindus.

And it gives a slap on the Max Muller gang who used capital ‘A’ for wherever the word occurred. Actually Arya should be translated ‘cultured, educated, civilized’ . Emperor Sudas, the winner of the Ten Kings War, was associated with River Yamuna. All the 30 Western clowns blink and bluff at the mantra. They were surprised to see the RV covering an area from Iran to Delhi. The name has su+DASA. Later we have Kali DASA, Sur Dasa, Kabir DASA. So their dasa , dasyu theories are also challenged. They are still struggling to identify the Simyus who are coupled with dasyus! Dasyus mean lawless, godless robbers. It is clearly said in Manu smrti and Kalidasa’s works.

By the way, Rig Veda has the oldest war description in the world. The War of Ten Kings has been constantly referred to by various Rishis in various Mandalas. And that was an internal war, not on Dasyus or Dasas. Poor Westerners never discuss it . Tamils fought the longest internal wars in the world.  Chera, Choza, Pandya kings killed each other for 1500 years continuously till Sundara Pandya invited foreign Muslims and finished Hindu Tamils. Knowing the 2000 year old Tamil literature would help one very much in understanding the RV. 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature has the Sanskrit words Yupa pillar, Rajasuya Yagna, Eagle shaped fire altar of Karikal Choza and spreading Dharba grass and  walking Seven Steps, a Vedic custom.

Rigveda is the Oldest Miracle Book in the world. There are stories which beat Harry Potter and earlier spooky and eerie stories. Ghosts and demons and dragons are referred to.


Dialogue Poems and Dance Dramas

Rigveda is the oldest book with dialogue poems. It shows that the dramas originated in India . Even before me finishing Third Mandala of the Rigveda, I have come across five dialogues. There are sexy dialogues in the later parts which Griffith and his gang refused to translate. For Hindus sex is no taboo. They were the one who produced Kama sutra of Vatsyayana, the origin of which lies in the Rigveda.

Rigveda is the book that covers the largest area on earth. We have geographical and historical references from Iran to Delhi region where Jamuna/Yamuna flows. Eighth Mandala of the Rig Veda has many references to Iran and camels.


Book on Nature

Rig Veda is the first book on Nature. Ode to Kapinjala bird by Grtsamada in the second mandala paved way for Wordsworths and Shelleys to sing about daffodils and ode to skylark.

The oldest part of the Old Testament is assigned to 900 BCE whereas even anti Hindu idiots like Max Muller assigned Rigveda 1500 BCE that too after Professor Wilson blasted Max Muller for dating it to 1200 BCE. Now we know it was compiled by Vyasa before 3100

BCE which is proved by the marine excavations around Dwaraka and hydrological research by nuclear scientists on the dried beds of River Sarasvati.

Rigveda is the oldest book in the world with beautiful similes. Though we see similes in Babylonian Gilgamesh and Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, the number of similes and the variety of similes in the Vedas are amazing . Kalidasa followed this tradition later.


Decimal System

Decimal System is everywhere in the Rig Veda. The seers always speak in terms of hundreds and thousands. With the use of horses and wheeled chariots they changed the world. With the decimal system they paved way for computers and space research. With the domestication of cows and bulls, they paved way for agriculture and infants’ health.

Rigveda is the oldest book with Number Symbolism. The way the Rishis play with Number Three and Number Seven is mind blowing. All the Western Clowns under Max Muller are suffocating. Moreover, Indus Valley seals have more Sevens and Threes in their strokes.


Rig Veda- Book of Drug Addicts!

The Thirty +++Western rascals have called the Rigveda  a ‘Book of Drug Addicts’. For them Soma plant and it’s juice are hallucinating. In the very first page of Rigveda, Griffith has said it. Had the western frauds known the real Soma plant, they would have made billions of dollars every minute by canning and bottling them like Coca Cola.

Swami Vivekananda was right when he said “Even if we throw all the mud from the bottom of Indian Ocean on the West it wouldn’t be enough” (for the evils they did to us). We must punish the Western frauds for calling the Rigveda a Book of Drug addicts. Soma plant is mentioned in 90 percent of the hymns. For them it is a drug. For Hindus, it is a very rare elixir. Tamil inscriptions say ‘it purifies the mind’.

No two clocks agree. No two westerners agreed on important mantras. What the frauds have agreed is that “Aryans invaded India and destroyed local civilisation” and “Vedic Hindus were drug addicts”. According to them, Rishis had a bath before sunrise and sat before fire and drank Soma juice. And the wonder is they wasted it by pouring into sacrificial fire as well!!

Which idiot would believe that a community systematically drank at 5 am in the morning everyday, that too after a holy bath! That too after wasting the precious Soma into fire every time they did Yaga and Yagna! And for the rest of the day, they did their usual work without any difficulty!!!

For God sake read the Rig Veda and make marginal notes wherever the word Soma comes. They themselves couldn’t explain how come falcons and eagles brought Soma.

To be continued……………….

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