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Two dozen foreigners commented on the Soma plant that is praised sky high in the Rig Veda ,the oldest book in the world. All of them have bluffed as much as possible with their hypotheses. They have proved themselves idiots by not answering the main questions. They showed them as ‘clever’ by comparing it with Haoma in the Zend Avesta. But for each of their guesses no evidence is given. All their statements contain ‘may be’, ‘probably’, ‘imaginary proto-proto-proto language’ etc.

What they missed the points or hiding is

1.Is there a culture who drank hallucinating drug at dawn, noon and evening? The Vedic seers clearly say that they prayed before sun rise and then two more times in a day.

2.If a society used a ‘hallucinating drug’ like this, would it survive? But Vedic culture survived and until today we see Vedic recitation of 20,000 mantras by heart.

3.How come they pray for 100 years life and grandchildren if it is a narcotic drug?

4.Why is no corresponding word in any Indo European language except the old Persian Haoma. We know H = S. But why is it that there are a few references even in the Avesta?

5.Avesta is proved to be later than the Rig Veda and why is not Soma mentioned in 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature? Sangam Tamils  mention many Vedic rites including Yupa pillar, Rajasuyam, Eagle shaped fire altar etc?

6.If the foreigners have identified the plant , as many foreigners claim, why didn’t they produce it and patent it? They could have made billions of dollars every day like coca cola.

7.Above all why is that no one has explained the connection between the falcon/hawk and the Soma plant?

This is an article to show the mysterious connection between the Soma plant and falcon or hawk. This connection deepens the mystery of Soma plant. Foreigners cleverly evade this issue.

Syena and Suparna are used several times in the Rig Veda. They are translated into English as Falcon or hawk and Eagle. Later mythology makes Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu. Garuda Purana/mythology and Garuda Mantra are used aa antidote for poison and death.

The word Syena (falcon, hawk) alone is used in over 65 mantras in the Rig Veda.


Here are some references:

In RV 1-32-14 Indra is compared to a falcon where a mysterious number 99 comes. Rigvedic Hindus were the first people to use decimal system in the world. In the 10,000 +++ Rig Vedic mantras we have hundreds of decimal numbers. But when they named Indra as Mr One Hundred (Satakratu), why did they use 99 in many places?

Here is the mantra

When you killed the snake demon Ahi, you crossed 99 rivers like a falcon? Were you afraid? if so, where from you would seek help?

The same seer named Mr Gold Pillar (Hiranya stupan) praises Indra as a falcon in the next hymn as well RV 1-33-2

I fly to Him (Indra), the invisible wealth giver, like falcon that returns to its nest (here the seer means he flies very fast like a home coming falcon towards Indra).


Mysterious Soma RV 1-93-6

In the first five mantras they sing about Soma plant and then in the sixth Mantra Gautama Rahugana says:–

“One of you Matariswan brought from heaven, the Falcon rent the other from the mountain”.

Griffith in his foot note says,

Matarisvan brought Agni/Fire from heaven and Falcon brough Soma from the mountain or cloud, that is, says Sayana , from Svarga on top of Mount Meru.


Ode to Bird RV 2-42- 1,2,3

We read and praise Ode to Skylark by P B Shelley and Ode o Nightingale by John Keats. But this genre of ‘ode to birds’ began in the Rig Veda. Later Sangam Tamils also followed the Rig Vedic seers. But seer Grtsamada was the first one to sing a Ode to Kapinjala bird. That is the first hymn on Brid of Omen, which is seen in many other cultures in a late period.

Here the seer prays that neither the falcon nor an eagle should kill the Kapinjala bird


In RV 3-43-7 Rishi Gathina Visvamitra sings

“Drink of the strong pressed out by strong ones, Indra that which the Falcon brought you when you wished”

Here falcon bringing Soma is referred to.


I ate dog meat- Rishi Vamadeva

This is a very famous Mantra which even Manu refers to in his Smrti.

RV 4-18-13

Vamadeva Gautaman says

“In deep distress (poverty) I cooked a dog’s intestines. Among the Gods I found not one to comfort?

My wife I beheld in degradation. The Falcon then brought me the pleasant Soma”.

Here Indra is praised as falcon.

But falcon bringing Soma plant is repeated throughout the Rig Veda.


RV 4- 26 and 4-27

Both of these hymns praise falcon for bringing the Soma plants:–

“Before all birds he (Indra) ranked this bird, O Maruts; supreme of falcons be this fleet winged Falcon,

Because strong pinioned, with no car to bear him, he brought to Manu the God-loved oblation. (mantra 4-26-4)”

“When the Bird brought it , hence in rapid motion sent on the wide path fleet as thought he hurried

Swift he returned with the sweetness of the Soma and hence the Falcon acquired his glory”. (5)

(This is the reason for writing a Purana on Garuda)

“Bearing the stalk, the Falcon speeding onward, Bird bringing from afar the draught that gladdens,

Friend of the Gods, brought, grasping fast, the Soma which he had taken from yon loftiest heaven “(6)

“The falcon took and brought the Soma, bearing 1000 libations with him, yea, 10, 000.

The Bold One left Malignities behind him, wise, in wild joy of Soma, left the foolish. (7)”


Vamadeva Gautama continues in 4-27

“As I lay within the womb, considered all generations of these Gods in order

A hundred iron fortresses confined me but forth I flew with rapid speed a Falcon (4-27-1)

(Note 100 Iron Forts; Has Indus valley got ‘Iron’ Forts?)

“When with loud cry from heaven down sped the Falcon, then hasting like the wind he bore the Bold One.

Then, wildly raging in his mind, the archer Krssanu aimed and loosed the string to strike him (3)

The Falcon bore him from heaven’s lofty summit as the swift car of Indra’s Friend bore Bhujyu

Then downward hither fell a flying feather of the Bird hasting forward in his journey (4)

The mystery of falcon’s connection to Soma or hawk goes beyond fourth Mandala. I have given examples only from the first four mandalas. There are over 65 references for Syena alone. I will deal with Suparna (Eagle, Garuda) separately.

My conclusion

The Falcon’s link to Soma is not explained by anyone satisfactorily. This mystery continues in Garuda Purana, where Garuda bringing Amrita instead of Soma.

Soma is a not a narcotic drug. No drug addict will waste it by pouring into fire three times day. If it is a rare and expensive  drug they would have consumed it gladly and that degraded society would have died by this time.

More over the drug addicts don’t need to spread cut Dharbaa grass in an orderly fshin before Fire and invoke Gods to drink it. We see the violence and suicides that follow the addicts of drug or drinking in the Western Society. On the contrary, the Vedic seers who drank Soma elixir lived 100 years singing the Glory of God.

Long Live Soma Elixir.


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