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After reading all the 1028 hymns and 10,552 mantras in the Ten Books/Mandalas in the RIG VEDA, the oldest book in the world, the oldest anthology in the world, I came to find an amazing unity in it. I only gave it a cursory reading, not studying. Even Rishi Bharadwaja gave up after three hundred years (in three births) when he came to know what he read was only the size of a stone in the Himalayas. We can compare it to Isaac Newton’s famous quotation of picking pebbles on the shore of mighty ocean:-

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me” -Isaac Newton .

Even if someone does not believe that these hymns were ‘heard’ (Sruti= that which is heard)  like radio waves, even if someone does not believe that these mantras were ‘seen’ by the seers (Mantra Dhrsta= those who see mantras), one would be struck with amazement in the unity produced by about 450 poets.

Like Sangam Tamil literature poems, which were composed by 450 poets, several thousands of years after the Rig Veda, it would have taken more than 300 year for the Rig Vedic composition. Even Anti Hindu sceptical scholars now estimate the mantas were composed in a period of 500 years between 1500 and 2000 BCE.

Sangam Tamil literature came about 2000 years ago and the Rig Veda came about 6000 years ago according to Herman Jacobi and Bala Gangadhara Tilak. Genuine scholars date it before 4000 years ago on the basis of discovery of River Sarasvati below the surface of earth.

I will just give the things I have discovered in bullet points :-

1.INDRA- Indra is seen from the beginning of Rig Veda to the end of Atharva Veda covering 20,000 Vedic Mantras. He dominates in the 10,000 verses of Rig Veda. The meaning is Leader, King or Thunder/Lightning

2.SOMA-The Mysterious and Magical herb Soma is in the Rig Veda and other Vedas as well. This is the source for Ayur Veda.

3.INDRA= BULL- We see lot of Bull seals in the Indus Valley but not a single Cow seal. Indra is described as a Bull throughout the Vedas and  he is always Victorious, His arch enemies Vrtra, Ahi and Sushna figured in all the Vedas, particularly in Rig Veda. Even westerners agree that this is about Natural forces described as demons by the Vedic Rishis.

4.HORSE and CHARIOT- Through out the Vedas two tawny coloured horses of Indra are described. A lot of references refer to speedy Chariots and Races. That means there should be pukka roads in those days! It reminds us again the broad streets of Harappan Civilization

5.FRIENDS – I was thrilled to see that all the Gods were called Friends by the Vedic Rishis. They used the term Comrades for their colleagues! They say Come on Comrades, Let us do it. They say they have come to pray for their friends! They say Indra you are so and so’s friend; I am your friend; so please do me this favour!

6.PATI, MATI, VATI- this is a linguistic wonder! Until this day Hindus use it throughout Asia. Male names end with Pati (Uma pati, Lakshmi Pati, Ganapati, Brhaspati, Vachaspati etc) Female names end with Vati or Mati (Par Vati, Saras Vati, Indu Mati, Chanrdra Mati etc) .Even rivers which are considered feminine have this Vati suffix. Amazing to see it throughout South East Asia . Even today my friends have these Pati, Mati, Vati suffixes in their names. Vedas are very much alive in our genes! From Himalayas to Pacific ocean Mati, Pati and Vati are used.

6.Number Symbolism- Scholars struggle to cope up with numbers in the Vedas. Everywhere Number SEVEN is there. They have to give different interpretations everywhere. As a practising Hindu in London I use Number Seven everyday in the morning Mantra and Evening Mantra called Sandhyavandana ( Sorry to say I miss the midday mantra). Everyday I recite Seven Rishi names, Seven Prosody (Grammar) terms and Seven Vedic Deity names. When I was in India, I used to recite RSS Pratasmaran in RSS shakas in the morning where 7 rivers, 7 mountains, 7 holy cities etc occur. Interestingly Number 7 and Number 3 are more in Harappan seals.

7.Nine + Ninety- For some reasons Vedic Rishsis say 9+90 rivers, 9+90 forts etc. Nobody knows why. But it is throughout the RV (abbreviation for Rig Veda)

8. DECIMAL NUMBERS – Hindus invented the decimal numbers. Number 100 and 1000 used hundreds of times in the RV.

9. HUNDRED YEAR LIFE- Another wonder is Man’s life is fixed for 100 years throughout the Four Vedas. Most interestingly I do recite this 100 year life Mantra everyday. All good Brahmins do it every day. In the Bible we find only one reference to 100 year life. It looks like ancient Hindus were the healthiest community in the world. I have separately given the list of saints who lived 120 years and who lived 300 years.

10.MIRACLES:- Wherever Asvin Twins are praised their long list of amazing miracles are spoken of. This is also found throughout the RV. I urge everyone to start reading Asvini deva hymns and Visvdeva hymns. You will come across a lot of miracle stories

11.THREE GODDESSES- Throughout the RV we come across Apri Hymns where they praise Ila, Bharati and Sarasvati. This shows they valued Goddesses unlike Semitic religions. In Semitic religions we find only Male Gods. Now Hindus worship the same three as Durga Lakshmi and Sarasvati- Amazing Unity and Amazing continuity.

12.Mudra/Signature: In most of the verses we get singer’s name in the last or in the middle mantras. This was continued by music composers until this day. After Vedic Rishis I found it in the Tamil Thevaram, Divya Prapandha Verses. In Bhakti compositions we find it from Jayadeva’s Ashtapati. WE don’t see anywhere in the world. Only Sanskrit and Tamil have this Mudra or Signature ; Meera, Kabhir Bhajan have these names or signatures in their compositions. From Rig Veda we use it until this day ; Amazing continuity.

13. Manu- Word ‘Man’ came from the first man MANU. His name is there everywhere in the Rig Veda.   No man in the world can speak without a Sanskrit word. At least a few words will be there in anyone’s speech. Vedic Sanskrit has spread to such an extant. There is no Tamil book without a Sanskrit word. No Indian can speak a language without a Sanskrit word. If thy want to say my friend had a heart operation they had to use HRT/ heart, the root in the RV!

It is a long list , I am afraid. I will continue in the next article.

To be continued……………………….

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