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Date uploaded in London – –   8 NOVEMBER  2021         

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GREAT SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY AND ORDINARY LONDON SWAMI nathan who organised a meeting in London to condemn the arresst of KANCHI SHANKARACHARYA by Jayalalitha.

Many years ago I received a phone call from a Scottish lady who spoke English with Scottish accent. She asked my permission to ask some questions on my funding application to National Lottery. I raised two lakh sterling pounds to help charities like London Sath Sangam, South Indian Society, Tamil Heritage Foundation, Sindhi Mandir, World Hindu Mahasangam and London Tamil Sangam. This was one of those funding applications

The lady praised Yoga, Hinduism and Vegetarian food and asked me ‘Swamiji, what are you doing?’ (as a saint/Swamiji)

I wanted to laugh wildly, but out of politeness, I said to her I am a name’s sake Swamiji. Only my name is Swami. I am as weak as every other human being; may be weaker than millions of Hindus!  Then she asked some clarifications on my funding request. (In the National Lottery Funding application there is a question ‘what would you like us to address you; give a short name; so I gave my name as ‘Swami’; she added the honorific suffix ‘JI’)

Swami was my name in the BBC as well. This embarrassed another Tamil lady. ‘Oh I cant call you Swami’ (In Hindu B&W feature films, husbands are addressed Swami!!. She told me she can’t use the other part of my name as well Nathan; Natha also meant ‘my darling husband’!!)

I would tell you another interesting anecdote in my life. One day my father V santanam phoned our home saying Mouna Guru Swamy is coming from Kovilpatti (??) in the evening. Our rented house was always full of rubbish. With five siblings scattering everything everywhere we hurriedly cleaned the place. My mother rushed to the door entrance, sprinkled water and drew a Kolam (Rangoli) to welcome the Swamiji. Our house is always visited by all Swamijis, both genuine and frauds.

Swami Shantananda of Pudukkottai came to my house in 20, North Masi Street, Madurai as the first house to be visited. He was doing Tapas in the forests of Western Ghats, which was told to us by Swamiji Krishna of Aykkudi.

Sringeri Mahasannidhanam Sri Abhinava Vidhya Bharati visited our house and blessed us individually by giving fruits. Kanchi paramacharaya rarely visited any home during Chatur Masya Vrata (Staying homebound for Four Months of Rainy Period is called Chatur Masya Vrata for Sanyasins). So he stopped in front of my house and asked ‘Oh is it the house of Santanam?’ That means ‘I bless you guys!’ Swamiji Krishna of Aykkudi visited several times and did Ganapati Homam in my house.

(Kanchi Paramacharya did two Chatur masya Camps in and around Madurai in my time until 1986. First time, when he stayed at Setupati High School , Madurai, none of us went for his darshan. We brothers, were playing cards during that period. We stupid people thought that Paying Cards for fun was an abominable sin! Now we laugh at ourselves knowing that even big criminals also saw him without any fear; second time when he camped at Narayanapuram, we visited him and attended beautiful Sadas- a cultural seminar cum show)

Among the fraudulent Swamijis, one woman called Mataji , who took Madurai by storm by bringing out small idols out of Kunkum in her palm, also visited my house ; she gave my mum and dad silver Vigrahas/idols My father also gave her huge publicity in Dinamani Newspaper ; but we came to know later that she was arrested in Mumbai for frauds. Another fraud was Sangu Mahan (Conch shell is Sangu; shank became S/Conch/k in English). There were several complaints about him later. There was another fraud who dressed himself exactly like Sri Sathya Sai Baba and was booked by police later.

That reminds me where I started. So the above said Mouna Guru Swamy came in the evening. To our surprise . he was only a name sake Swami like me. He dressed himself in the purest white clothes wearing cooling glasses, looking exactly like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. We expected a great Swamiji like Sri Shanthanantha of Pudukkottai in saffron clothes with matted hair rolling on the ground. But this was a gentleman with clean shaved, crop cut hair. But without laughing, we took him inside and gave all the dishes we prepared. By the time, my dad also arrived from the office. Because of the delay only my father warned us to receive him in his absence. And the word Swami confused all of us.

Again one more bit from my Purana! Even today I receive e mails ‘Swamiji, please look at my horoscope, when will I get a job? When I will get married? When I will get a baby? When my mother will be cured of cancer?’ etc

The last cancer case was dealt with me a few days ago. He casually mentioned that he was doing all Pujas by giving her Ayur Vedic medicine. I immediately sent him a mail, ‘Please give her advanced allopathic treatment in addition to Pujas’. Our people don’t realise Ayurveda is more of a preventive medicine than actual treatment.

So, in short, these people don’t realise that I am as weak as every human being. The names are deceptive. More over when I write about Vedas and Gitas they thought that I am a real Swamiji. Unfortunately, I cant change my name now. Because I was born nearer to Swamimalai of Lord Skanda /Muruga on a Skanda Shasti day my mum and dad gave me that name.

My mother, till her death, used to pay some money to Madurai Thiruppugaz Sabha in Adi Veethi of Madurai Meenakshi Temple, to do special prayer for me during the Skanda Shasti period.

So the moral of the story is, Pease don’t get fooled by names! (particularly SWAMI Nathan!!)

( I have lots more to bore you !!!)

To be continued………………………

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  1. santhanam nagarajan

     /  November 8, 2021

    super! One point to be added. Mouna guruswami is the son in law of famous karukurichi arnachalam. Correct?


  3. All said and done, Swaminathan is a nice and beautiful name. The very thought of changing to some modern name is wrong. I like London-Swaminathan name.

  4. santhanam nagarajan

     /  November 8, 2021

    yes i agree with sri N Paramasivam

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