Who is London Swaminathan-9 ; More Miracles by Swamiji! (Post No.10,368)

Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in London
I am garlanding the great speaker


Post No. 10,368

Date uploaded in London – –   22 NOVEMBER  2021         

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I wrote about our first meeting with Swamiji Krishna with my dad , elder brother and Indian Express manager Mr J S M. Another thing also happened in the very first meeting. He looked at me and said,

Sama is very intelligent (All Swaminathans of Thanjavur District are called Sama in abbreviated form)

I was very upsent and angry. I thought how dare this man calls ‘me only’ intelligent when I am standing along with my elder brother. Immediately Swamiji said,

Sama is very angry because I did not praise his elder brother. Then he said good things about him as well.

Swamiji always ask people like us to prostrate before his mother first and then only he would accept ur Namaskarams to him. Probably this is to teach every one should respect his or her mother . We see such things with Sathya Sai Baba’s mother Eswaramba, Lord Krishna’s mother Devaki even his foster mother cowherdess Yasotha. We sing their glory even today in Bhajans. It is one way of teaching everyone that Mother comes first.


Once I was asked to come to Tenkasi all alone so that I can accompany him to Chenganoor, Ariyankavu and Kulathupuzai. My famliy was very hesitant and scared. There was no mobile phone in those days. Unless Swamiji’s car picks me up and then go to a PCO (public call office) they can’t contact my family.

With 100 ++++ instructions from my father where to sit in the train, what I should not do on the train, how people can easily cheat me etc. I was packed into a train. Somehow I reached Tenkasi by an express train in 3 or 4 hours. The car was waiting for me. Then they informed my family. A great ‘daring’ trip! I was a hero in front of my family!

My eldest brother was studying at PACR Polytechnic in Rajapalayam. He belongs to the first batch in the institution. He was also given such instructions before me! So, I was not the first victim.

In course of time, Swamiji asked me not to continue my friendship with a particular boy. I asked Swamiji How do I know what boy you are talking about. Because in those days there was no fear for any one’s life. No parent worried about their children going out. At 4 pm the school is finished. At 5 pm every child , boy or girl, is out of their house. Boys never return home until 11 pm in the night. For a brief period, one would run home just for one’s dinner and then join 101 different games, all on the road. I had scores of friends.

So when I asked Which friend? He asked me to say the names of friends  one by one  . I reeled out the long list. At one name, he said STOP. He is the one I meant. I know he is not a good boy, but he did not do any bad thing to me. Any way I followed Swamiji’s words in letter and spirit.

By the way, I would tell you the world that existed 65 years ago when I was an elementary school boy. Joseph Tito, President  of Yugoslavia visited Madurai with the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Both of them were part of Non Aligned Movement. We , children were given national flags of the countries and asked to wave when the motorcade pass by. We did it standing along North Masi Street where my Yadavas School was situated. Both the leaders were at our arm’s length. They used to stop and wave back to us. They accepted garlands from congress party people. Very rarely you see police presence. Nowadays even to see Goddess Meenakshi in the world-famous temple, I have to deposit my mobile phone and pass through electronic gate like airport security. Are we progressing or regressing? Deteriorating?

Once RSS leader Guruiji Golwalkar referred to US and said America is a decaying nation, in one of his lectures in Tamil Nadu. Though I was a staunch supporter of RSS, I did not like his remarks. But now I feel his words are true. If you look at the mindset of America, you could see what they do to get petrol. Just for petrol they are ready to bomb any country and kill any political leader who refuse to give them petroleum. We have heard about drug addict, alcohol addict but not about petrol addict and gun addicts. Their hobby is gun fight like Western Movies.

Sorry that my train derailed; let me put it back on the rails again. So Swamiji did lot of little, little miracles like this. Once my father wanted to go to Palani to deliver a talk and listen to some friend’s concert. By the way Swamiji was a great lover of music; I think Sowdiah and others used to play violin before him. When my father returned next day, he said that the singer had sore throat and the concert was a flop. My father was wonder struck. How did you know this Swamiji? Have you met anyone else who returned from last night concert? Asked my father.

He smiled and said I was there listening to him  for a while. So one can travel by thought. He used to predict anyone’s future just by looking at him.

Same time another strange thing happened. My father was the one who publish Madurai Dinamani. In that paper one news item crept in without his knowledge. A person named Mr Sathanam ( my father’s name) was electrocuted (to death???) in Palani last noght! My father was joking Yama might have gone to the wrong address ,so I escaped!

Swamiji With Kanchi Paramacharya 

Or Did Swamiji play any miracle by visiting Palani on that day?? Who knows it? Co incidence or Miracle?

But Swamijis can do it. We know the most famous anecdote of Kanchi Paramacharya. Famous singer MS Subbulakshmi took leave of Shankaracharya and was about to leave. Shnakaracharya said ‘stay tonight in Kanchipuram; go tomorrow. She was greatly annoyed because of her other concerts already booked. Next day, whole of India was talking about the worst railway accident in the history. Ariyalur Train accident. Entire train went into river with all the passengers while it was passing through the flooded Kaveri River bridge. So in some cases Swamjis can stop one dying ; they do it very rarely. Lal Bahadur Shastri, then railway minister, later prime minister of India resigned his post immediately taking moral responsibility for the worst accident.

I will write about the miserable deaths of Jayalalitha, LTTE Prabhakaran , Michael Jackson, Mrs Indira Gandhi, Premadasa etc and how Sadhu Sanyasins knew them beforehand. It is not part of my autobiography. So I will do it separately.


Back to Swamiji

This is about my father supporting a sinner in Madurai. He took him to Achankoil Pushpanchali Festival. We also went to the Dharma Sastha/Ayyappa  Temple at that time.

(Do you want a titbit here? More than Dharma sastha’s Pushpanchali, we brothers, praised the food they served at the end; till this day we remember the food but not Lord Ayyappa!!! We talk and talk about it whenever Achan koil is mentioned)

The sinner was contesting a Ward in a local body election. After the Pushpanchali and a good meal, we took leave of Swamiji. My father introduced that gentleman to Swamiji. Every time he was introduced, Swamiji deliberately turned away his face. My father did not take it as an insult, but thought the person is going to be defeated. After two failed attempts my dad tried again to open the subject of electoral contest by showing him. This time Swamiji listened and then said, ‘I will pray to Ganapathi’.

In general Sadhu Sanyasins have different wordings to convey different messages. Those who are always with a  Swamiji only would know the gradation in blessings. ‘I will pray for you’ means it is difficult to succeed. My father got worried because our entire family was canvassing for him for nothing. Utter stupidity: we know his loose morals but to enjoy his jokes we sued to go to his house. A rich guy. I wouldn’t say how he became rich. Then any Maduraiwalla would easily identify him. My father calculated and said to him that he would win by 65 votes. Because we know all the Brahmin voters there and their split between Rajaji’s Swatantra Party and this guy’s congress party. As predicted by my father he won by 65 votes, a very thin majority. My father did it by sheer calculation, nothing to do with miracle.

Months later we met Swamiji somewhere on another occasion. He himself opened the topic of ‘Sinner Introduction’.

Santhanam (my father) brought a bad guy and asked me to bless him. I couldn’t. Santhanam never asked me any favour for his own family. But he asked please bless this guy for victory. Ganapthi (Lord Ganesh) refused it. I had to fight with Ganapathi for his victory.

This incident and MS ‘s escape from the worst Railway accident show that Gurus can change the fate of someone who they like.

Actually Swamiji’s would not interfere in everyone’s destiny. They want you to suffer so that your sins disappear. It is like you repay your debts. I was visiting Hindu Prisoners in England Jails. In one of the prisons, I was surprised to read in the Hindu Prison Manual that the prisoners are punished so that their sins are cured or spent. Once they are out of Prison, he or she is a sinless person.


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