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RSS not govt’s remote control, says Mohan Bhagwat

Calling for unity, RSS chief says the undivided land of India lost several battles with foreign invaders over the centuries as the local population was not united

The media portrays the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as the government’s remote control, but nothing could be further from the truth, its chief Mohan Bhagwat said on Saturday.

He also said though India is not a world power, it certainly has the potential to become a world ‘guru’ in the post pandemic era.

Addressing ex-servicemen  IN Dharamsala ON December 18

, Bhagwat said, “The media refers to us as the remote control of the government, but that is untrue. Though, some of our workers are definitely part of the government. The government does not give assurances of any sort to our swayam sevaks. People ask us what we get from the government. My answer to them is that we may even have to lose what we own.”

Highlighting the ancient Indian practices in medicine, he said, “What saw us through were our traditional Indian remedies such as kadha, kwath (herbal formulations) and hygiene. Now, the world looks up to India and wants to emulate the Indian model. Our country may not become a world power, but it can certainly be the world guru.”          

The RSS chief observed a minute’s silence in memory of Chief of Defence Staff Late Bipin Rawat and 13 others who died in the chopper crash near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu recently.

Calling for unity, he said the undivided land of India lost several battles with foreign invaders over the centuries as the local population was not united. 

Quoting social reformer BR Ambedkar, he said we are never defeated by anyone’s strength but by our own weaknesses.

Bhagwat is on a five-day tour to Himachal Pradesh and is likely to meet Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama, sources said.


Anti-conversion bill: Right to religion not right to convert

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra recently said that the anti-conversion law likely to be introduced by the state government during the upcoming winter session is only meant to ensure that no forced conversions take place. The law would have penal provisions and those wanting to convert would have to file an application two months in advance with the Deputy Commissioner.

In his detailed piece, Vicky Nanjappa brings home the point that the right to religion doesn’t amount to the right to convert. The bill is being opposed from various quarters even before it has been introduced in the assembly. Those opposing the bill are citing Article 25 in their defense stating that the law would violate provisions of the right to religion as enshrined in the Article.

Though the state cannot interfere with religious matters, it can regulate religious matters and activities associated with those practices.

Several states have brought in anti-conversion laws to ensure that vulnerable people aren’t forced to convert. Recently, Karnataka’s BJP MLA Goolihatti Shekar demanded action against Christian missionaries operating in the Hosadurga Assembly constituency for allegedly carrying out rampant religious conversions. He further said Christian missionaries have even got his mother converted to Christianity.

Speaking on the floor of the state Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, he said, “Christian missionaries are indulging in rampant religious conversions in Hosadurga constituency. They have got as many as 18 to 20,000 people converted to Christianity from the Hindu religion. The Christian missionaries have converted my mother and she has been told not to wear ‘kumkum’ (Vermillion) on her forehead.

“The ring tone of my mother’s cell phone has also been changed to Christian prayers. We are finding it difficult to perform ‘puja’ (worship) at home. It has been very difficult for us. If we try to tell her anything she says that she will end her life,” Goolihatti Shekar said. The Christian missionaries are even managing to lodge false atrocity cases and rape cases on those who questioned them through those converted from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes. The government should take action in this regard, he urged.

Both crypto-Christianity and Christian conversions are rampant in Andhra Pradesh with 25% of the state estimated to be Christian. Even Punjab is increasingly seeing the Christian conversion mafia operating in full swing in the state.

This is a report from Hindu Post Magazine


Vishva Hindu Parishad has called for a complete ban on Tablighi Jamaat

The whole world is in serious trouble today due to the transgressions of the Tablighi Jamaat and its Nizamuddin Markaz. Calling it a manufacturing hub of radical Islamic Jihadism, and a host of global terrorism, the Vishva Hindu Parishad has called for a complete ban on it in Bharat as well.

Welcoming the ban imposed by the Saudi Arabian government on this Jamaat, VHP’s Central Working President and Senior Advocate Sri Alok Kumar said that by finding out the financial sources of the Tablighi Jamaat, which is endangering the lives of people, immediate ban should be imposed by Bharat and the entire world community on its bank accounts, offices and activities.

This radical Islamic fundamentalist organization is already banned in many countries of the world including Russia.

VHP demands –

1. Complete ban on Tablighis, Tablighi Jamaat and Ijtima in Bharat be imposed;

2. The building of Nizamuddin Markaz and the bank accounts associated with it should be sealed;

3. Their economic sources and resources should be found out and plugged;

4. The authorities should also crack down on institutions and organizations like Darul Uloom Deoband and PFI that give direct or indirect nourishment to the Tablighis, Tablighi Jamaat and Ijtima.



Kanchi Mutt Pontiff Sri Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi visited Tirupati Sri Venkateswara temple on 14th December . He was welcomed with traditional honours; he had the blessings of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala on Tuesday morning. 

Balaji temple officers welcomed him with temple honours.


Another news item from Tirupati


The winners of the Bhagavat Gita shloka recitation competition were awarded prizes on Tuesday evening on the occasion of Gita Jayanthi.

This event was organized at Annamacharya Kalamandiram in Tirupati. This competition was held under the aegis of the HDPP wing of Tirupati Tirumalai Devasthanam. 17th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita was chosen for the competition for students.

The students were categorised as Junior and Seniors. Likewise, the competitions were also held in all 700 Shlokas to those above and below 18 years of age.

Prizes were given for the winners in all these four categories,

In connection with Gita Jayanthi on Tuesday, Akhanda Bhagavat Gita Shloka Parayanam was held by TTD in Tirumala.

Devotees participated braving inclement weather with utmost spiritual fervour.

All the 700 Shlokas from 18 chapters of Bhagavad Gita were rendered which was telecasted live on SVBC .

To enhance the spiritual fervour, the concept of Viswarupa Darshanam was recreated with the replicas of Sri Krishna Arjuna with Kapi dhwaja chariot in Kurukshetra on the Nada Neerajanam platform for the occasion.


Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity home in Gujarat booked for converting girls

Missionaries of Charity’s shelter home in Vadodara has been booked for hurting religious sentiments and converting girl children. The orphanage made the girls wear the cross around their necks and the library had Bibles. A complaint was filed by a Social Defence Officer after the NCPCR Chairman had inspected the orphanage a few months ago.

NCPCR Chairman Priyank Kanoongo had inspected the shelter home in August and found some anomalies, the Times of India reported. He wrote to the district collector asking him to file a complaint against the home. Following this a committee was formed to look into the matter and it submitted a report to him.

Social Defence Officer Mayank Trivedi and the Child Welfare Committee officials visited the home and found that the inmates were made to wear the cross around their necks and made to read the Bible.

Makarpura police has filed an FIR based on the complaint which mentions that during the social security officer’s visit it was found that “girls at the home were being forced to read Christian religious texts and participate in prayers of Christian faith, with the intention of steering them into Christianity“.

Missionaries of Charity has denied these allegations asking whether keeping Bibles is wrong. Their spokesperson said that the girls were merely following the staff’s habits of reading the Bible and praying.

Missionaries of Charity was embroiled in illegal activities such as converting tribals and selling babies earlier. Founded by Mother Teresa, the organization runs orphanages and shelter homes across the country in almost every district.

Their shelter home in Jharkhand was found to have sold babies born to unwed mothers who took refuge at the institute.

This is a report from Hindu Post Magazine.


Hindus in Britain to get their first purpose-built crematorium

Hindus in Britain are going to get their first purpose-built Hindu crematorium in Denham after a landmark resolution was made to grant planning permission.

The Planning Inspectorate on December 16 granted Anoopam Mission UK planning permission for the crematorium on its 15-acre website close to Denham.

The proposed crematorium will likely be positioned within the grounds of the Hindu temple on the Shree Swaminarayan Non secular Cultural and Group centre .

In its letter to Buckinghamshire Council, when making the unique software, Satish Chatwani, worldwide president of the Anoopam Mission UK, wrote…………

“Cemeteries are offered throughout the nation for the Muslim and Jewish communities to bury and honour their lifeless as befits their beliefs; that there isn’t any such provision for Hindus to correctly perform this final act of religion is a betrayal of our rights and our contribution to British society,”

Letters and petitions, with over 2,000 signatures of help, have been submitted and Bob Blackman MP and Lord Jitesh Gadhia spoke in favour of Hindus.






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