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Tri Karana Suddhi, the moral triad is found in Vedas, Buddhist Dhammapada, Zoroastrian Avesta and later scriptures.

Tamils have coined three separate words Vaimai, Unmai and Meimai with the rhyme of Mai. In Sanskrit we have only one word -Sathya or Rtam.

Zoroastrian religion has Humatha, Hukhta and Hvarshta.

Since ‘S’ is absent in Persian sumata, sukta,suvarsha are pronounced with H sound.

In Dhammapada, Buddha defines Brahminhood in the last chapter, where he says,

“He who commits no sin by body or speech or mind and is restrained in the three respects- him I call a Brahmin”. Dhammapada verse 391; chapter 26

Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says,

Whatever action a man begins to do by his body, speech and mind”—18-15

Later Garuda Purana, Mahabharata and Tamil devotional poems have this expression. But the earliest references are from the Vedas,

Here is a passage from the Brahmana of Yajur Veda ,

“What a man contemplates in Thought, he speaks in Speech, what he speaks in speech, he does in Deed

Yan Manasa dhyayati tat bachata vadati

Yay vacha vadati tat karma karoti

In Taitriya Aranyaka 10-1-12 , we come across,

Yanme manasa vacha karmana va duskrtam krutham.

Mahabharata , Garuda Purana and other later devotional literature quoted this more often .


Manu Smrti

Manu takes it to an interesting level, where he says, (12-9),

“Man attains the condition of vegetables on account of his faulty actions arising from his body; the condition of birds and quadrupeds on account of his faulty speech, and the lowest condition on account of his faulty thoughts.”

So ,  this Tri Karana Suddhi was known to all the people in India

We find the Tamil words in the Tirukkural and earlier Sangam book Ainkurunuru.

This is one more similarity found between the Avesta and the Vedas.


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