KALKI AVATAR IN SRI LANKA? – Part 1 (Post No.10,710)



Post No. 10,710

Date uploaded in London – –    3 MARCH   2022         

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I came across an interesting Tamil book in the library. It is hundred-year-old book titled Kalki Purana. It is a translation of Sanskrit book by one Mr Desikacharya. It is available in the British Library in London.

It entered the library in 1903 according to the entry rubber stamp.

The first 4 pages make interesting reading with 20 Sanskrit slokas saying in bullet points what is going to happen in the Kali Yuga. Even 2020 Chinese Virus (Covid 19) is predicted.

Before going into them, let me summarise the personal details of Lord Kalki, the Tenth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is coming here again to destroy the evil and reestablish the Golden Age on earth.

The fourth and last age is called Kali Yuga (Black Age) and the Golden age is called Krita Yuga.

The book says Lord Vishnu/ Kalki will be born as a son of  Vishnu Yasas and his wife Sumathi . Kalki will be born with four brothers. He will marry one Miss Padmavathy, daughter of Brhadratha of the same island/ Simhala Island.

The most interesting point is that they are all from Simhala Island according to the book. In Hindu geography only two islands are linked with Lion/ Simha. They are Singapore (Simhapuri) and Sri Lanka. The language the majority of Sri Lankans speak today is Simhalese (Sinhalese).

In the beginning of the book, Vishnu promised the good saints that he will destroy evil Kaliyuga and establish Golden Krtayuga.


What will happen in the Iron Age called Kaliyuga?

1.30 feet tall humans will become 3 inches tall.

2.People will be selling foods, women will be selling their honour and Brahmins will be selling their Mantras.

(My interpretation:- People will be reduced in size morally by one tenth. More restaurants will be there; housewives will cook less and buy more from restaurants. Brahmins will be money oriented than Mantra oriented)

3.Brahmins will be teaching Vedas to low caste people. Brahmin women will be selling milk and curd/yogurt. Business community will be selling meat.

4.Brahmins, Kshatrias and Vaisyas will be more into sex and eating. Shurdas will become good people with spotless character

(My Views: The meaning is everything will become topsy turvy. Even the government will implement reservation policy in religious schools and low caste people will be taught Vedas and appointed as priests; it has already happened in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.)

5. Women will give birth to children at the age of eight. No rules will be followed for sex.

6.Women will give birth like pigs. Everyone will be using both hands on their heads because of itching.

(My view:- Teen age pregnancy is already a big issue in Western countries. Probably it will spread to India. Women giving birth to lot of children is very common in Muslim countries. In Somalia 12 to 16 children in a family is very common. When the Muslim population crosses 50 % on earth, there will be more problems- the phrase used is ‘Itching on head which require both hands’.)

To be continued……………….

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