KALKI AVATAR IN SRI LANKA? – Part 2(Post No.10,713)


Post No. 10,713

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First part of KALKI AVATAR IN SRI LANKA? Was posted here yesterday.

Continued from Sloka 7…..

7.Women will be eating and sleeping before their husbands.

(My Interpretation: Hindu tradition is that menfolk should eat first along with children and then the women should eat. Women will go to bed after her husband and children and wake up before them. After women started working, particularly in computer industry and call centres, it has gone upside down.

Great Tamil poet says,

“Even the clouds will obey and pour out at the bidding of a wife

Who prefers to worship her husband rather than any god”  – Kural 55

This is repeated in two Tamil epics Silappadikaram and Manimekalai verbatim.

‘Husband is God’ is in Manu Smrti and Sangam Tamil literature. Nowadays women ridicule such statements. The wonder is that it (ridiculing) was written at least 100 years ago in this book. At that time no one would have dared to say what the modern Tamil women say openly in meetings.)


8.Earth will become less fertile. Plants won’t grow properly.

9.People will be afflicted with diseases. Widows will remarry and produce children. Married women will fight with their husbands and live like widows.

(My Views: It has already come true. In Western countries single mothers get enormous financial benefits and so they simply divorce their husbands and live with them as ‘friends’. This puts them in extra advantage. A lot of men will be after that ‘single mother’ and she may marry or not, but gets all favours from such men. Even in India, all big cities have more than 8000 divorce cases each every year. What we see among the film actors today, may become order of the day soon!

The disease factor is an amazing prediction. After the Chinese virus attack in 2020, the world saw millions of deaths. 100 years ago, no one would have taken this sloka  seriously.)


10. People with charitable mind will become poor; misers will be praised as big donors. Sinners will live longer and good people will die sooner. Low caste will become rulers and they will be worshipped by high caste people

( My Views- It is happening in many states in India; but it is not new; it has happed 2600 years ago when Nanda Dynasty came to power. Even the Brahmin Chanakya threw the Shudra kings out by making another low caste person as king- Maurya Chandra Gupta.)


12.In Kaliyuga all will talk about Vedanta without knowing the meaning. Brahmins will be argumentative and will be only ‘namesake Brahmins’.

(My interpretation: It is very true. All Dravidian news papers are using temple matter as a selling factor; 25 years ago no such news item was seen in those newspapers. All run blogs and write whatever they think or fancy without quoting any scripture. I see 100 % correct statement about Brahmins. No one worships Fire like ancient Brahmins. No one study the Vedas. No one follows tradition, but only showing the sacred thread to claim superiority over others. No brahmin does even the basic Tri Kala Sandhya Vandana- Thrice a Day Water Oblation!)


13.Men will show truth as untruth and lie as truth. They would criticise Vedic customs and wouldn’t follow Niti Sastra.

(My views- This is also true. Look at the judgements passed by our courts; look at the profession of lawyers; we don’t need to elaborate on our constitution. Rejecting Ambedkar’s 25 year stipulation, all the low caste millionaires and billionaire politicians are getting all concessions and reservations; they act against their conscience and justice. No political party is ready to criticise it)


14.Fake Gurus will be surrounded by disciples and defraud the public. They would teach high Mantras to Tom Dick and Harry without following them.

(My View:- How true it is! Several Babas are in jails and several others are absconding)


15.In the Age of Kali, some Babas/Gurus will teach others, but won’t even follow Daily Rituals and will live like Kulinga Birds)

16.Brahmins and other high caste people will consume Meat, Liquor and Drugs.

17.Gurus and their disciples will have no difference in enjoying sex with each other’s women

(My Views: – These evil things are already happening; but slowly coming out. In foreign countries Priest- Disciple SEX is a big problem in Churches. But it may become a problem here soon. We know for sure the first three castes have lost all their traditional customs.)


18.People born in good castes become poor and become bad. There wouldn’t be much difference between castes. There wont be any demarcation. There is no boundary line between castes.

19. Men will give birth to animals and animals may give birth to men

(My Views: Author might have meant men with animal behaviour and animal urges. Who knows? Like Wuhan City research in China, some may even create monsters and Frankenstein and Draculas or Dinosaur like men)

20.When Vyasa told all these things to Suthar and through him to other saints, they were all wonderstruck. They requested Vyasa to elaborate on Krta Yuga, the Golden Age.



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