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Hindu Puranas (mythology) and 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature described the Lunar and Solar Eclipses as Snake Dragons Rahu/Ketu devouring Moon and Sun. This story was used to explain the evil effects of eclipses on one’s health; but the Tamil astrologers were equally proficient in calculating and predicting the date and time of eclipses on scientific basis. The story was visibly correct because various stages of eclipse showed either devoured or spat out by the snake. Now we know the shadows of moon or earth cause the eclipses.

But in Vedic days they did not use this Snake story. They described it as a miracle and attributed it to Atri, one of the Seven Rishis worshipped by Hindus every day. Tamil Brahmins have been reciting Seven Rishis thrice a day in their Sandhyavandana ritual. That ritual is well documented in the ancient Tamil book Purananuru (verse 34 by Alathur Kilzar). Tamil Hindus repeat the 7 names in the same order that is found in 2700 year old Ashtadhyayi of Panini. Atri is the first seer in the list of seven.

Tamil Hindus recite everyday ATRI, BRHU, KUTSA, VASISTHA, GAUTAMA, KASHYAPA, ANGIRASA as seven seers.

From Vedic praise of Atri , one can easily surmise that he was the first one to calculate the date, time and duration of eclipses. Total Solar eclipses don’t last for more than 7 minutes; most of them take less than 7 minutes. In one Rig Vedic hymn he was praised as one who brought the sun back by reciting a few mantras. Now we know he calculated precisely the duration of that Solar eclipse and stunned his disciple. When he stopped reciting, the sun was out (from the shadow)

Moon is also linked with Atri’s name; Atri was said to be the father of moon. Now we know why? He calculated the movement of moon precisely, the shadow of which causes the Solar eclipse on earth. Moreover he could have calculated Lunar (moon) eclipse as well.

But for some reason another Risi Kasypa is also associated with Sun . Angiras is also associated with the Sun . Probably they were also astronomers like Atri. We know that Kasyapa married Diti and Aditi. Through Aditi, we got Adityas and devas and through Diti , the Danavas and other inferior races. Aditi is praised as the Mother of Gods in the Rig Veda, the oldest book in the world.

There is some strange information about SEVEN SUNS.

We understood Viswa Rupa Darshan in the Bhagavad Gita better after the seeing the Atom Bomb explosion and after reading about the Black Hole. Even Robert Oppenheimer quoted the Divi Surya Sahasrasya (brightness of 1000 suns). So we may understand what they say about 7 suns later when it is scientifically explained.

In the Rigveda, Angirasas Rishis are said to have discovered the day and let the sun climb to heaven (RV. 1-62-5; 1-71-2; 10-62-3

“The demon Swarbhanu struck the sun with darkness; Indra destroyed him and, Atri found the hidden sun- Atri placed the eye of the sun in the sky” (RV.5-40-6)

Both these give us very clear idea. Atri was the first astronomer to calculate the length of day and night and he was the one who calculated the speed of all objects in the Solar system.

The same message is found in different descriptions in AV.13-2-4 and four Brahmana books.

This story is slowly developed in the epics and Puranas. They say Atri is Sun and Moon. Some say he himself ascended to heaven and became Sun and Moon.

Following passage in the Mahabharata is interesting: –

“Svarbhanu pierced the sun and the moon with arrows, whereupon the gods were engulfed in darkness and began to be struck down by the demons. They caught sight of Atri doing Tapas in the wood, and asked him to help them; Atri asked how he could protect them and they replied, “Become for us the moon, the destroyer of darkness, and sun, the destroyer of demons”. Thereupon Atri created light through his tapas (Penance) and made the worlds bright and without darkness; he overcame hosts of gods’ enemies through his own tejas (fire) and the gods saw that the demons were being burnt by Atri.”-Mahabharat 13-141-1 to 13

It is interesting to note that Rishis are described as ‘Bh utakrtah’ in the Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda, meaning they create the worlds.

‘Demon’ has many meanings and we have to decidethe meaning only from its context. Catastrophic natural forces, disease causing germs and unknown phenomena are all described as demons.


Kashyapa and Seven Suns

Kashyapa was the son of Marichi and he married Aditi and Diti. Kasyapa means tortoise. It may be his clan’s totem symbol. Kausika means owl and Bharadwaja means crow. All the ancient people have some symbols or flags. Later in the epics we see them as Flags (Arjuna had monkey flag, Durydhana had Snake flag; Bharata had Kovidhara tree and Ravana had Veena in flags). In Puranas they become Vahanas. For instance in Tamil Sangam literature both flags and Vahanas are mentioned. Now all South Indian Temple Gods are taken in Vahanas during festival days.

We have a passage in Atharva Veda about Kashyapa:

“That which is radiant (candram, also means moon) in you, O Kashyapa, and possessed of brilliance; that which is placed together and eminent, O one of bright light (citrabanu, also means sun); that in which the seven suns are set together (AV 13-3-10)”

This somewhat enigmatic passage is expounded in another work:

“Aaroga, Bhraaja, Patara, Patanga, Svarnaro, Jyotisiimat and Vibhaasa; all of these radiate heat in the sky for this world. It is said that they do not withdraw and they yield strength. Kasyapa is the eighth; he doe not depart from Mount Meru. There is this verse about them: ‘That which is skilful in you, O Kasyapa; possessed of brilliance, possessed of strength and eminent, O Citrabhanu; that in which the seven suns are set together, by that he may obtain kingship; all of those seven suns receive light for this world from Kahyapa. The seven pranas are in the head; the Acharyas say they are suns- Taittiriya Aranyaka

This may be something about Yoga and Dhyana(meditation) or some unknown astronomical matter.

In later Puranas, it is said that at the end of each Kalpa , Seven Suns burn the world to ashes.

Hope they are not Nuclear Bombs!!!

Source Book –Traditions of The Seven Rsis, John Mitchiner, 1982

This article has my inputs and comments.


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