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 3. Ani

The third Tamil Month is Ani (aani). This is the time when sun enters the third zodiac sign Mithunam. It is Gemini. But one should not get confused with the numerological date for these months. For Tamils it is the first day of the month.

The first day of every Tamil month roughly corresponds to 14th or 15th (even 16, 17th) of an English month. Tamil months Aaani and Aavani have 32 days. Tamil months Karthikai and Thai have 29 days.

Ani Uththiram Star day is celebrated as Ani Thirumanjanam in Shiva temples. Chidambaram Nataraja temple has Chariot festival during this time. Thiru Manjanam means special bathing/Abhisheka or holy bathing of God.

Manikavasagar’s Star day (thiru nakshaththram) falls in this month. So Saivites (Shiva worshippers) consider this month very important.


4. Adi

Adi (aadi) is the fourth month in Tamil calendar. Sun enters fourth zodiac sign Kataka Rasi (raasi).

This is very important for villagers. Festivals and Pujas (worship) of Grama Devatas (graama devataas are local village deities) are held during this month. Villagers give free gruel (Kanji or Kuuz) to all devotees. Fire Walking (Thee Mithi) events are held in many village temples. People who follow Vrata (vow) walk on burning wood or charcoal.

Adi Amavasyai (aadi ammaavaasai) is very important for all communities. Brahmins are supposed to pay obeisance for departed souls at least 96 times in a year. But non brahmins do it only twice a year during Dakshinayana (southward march of sun) and Uttarayana (northward march of sun).

The Dakshinaayana Punya Kaala happens in this month. Millions of Hindus go to rivers and coasts to offer oblations to departed souls on Aadi New moon day..

In addition to Aadi Ammavaasai, Aadi Kriththikai (Kartika star day) is important for devotees of  Lord Muruga (Skanda or Kartikeya in Sanskrit).

Varalakshmi Vratam is important for all Hindu women.

Tamil saint Sundaramurthy Swamikal Star is celebrated  in this month.

Aadip Pooram (Adi Puram) in Srivilliputhur Andal temple and Aadi Tapas in Sankarankovil Gomathy Amman temple attract thousands of devotees.

Tamil proverb is Aadip Pattam Thedi Vithai (Start sowing in the month of Aadi). So farmers start cultivation. Aadi 18 is celebrated on the river banks. On the 18th day of this month river Kaveri gets new floods. So the villagers go to the river banks and do pujas and organise feasts with colourful rice (Chitraannam) and Pappad. Children pull toy carts towards the river banks.

(As children we also did it on the banks of river Vaigai in Madurai. Because of the new dam across Vaigai and sand mining, the river became dirty. Then we did it in the terrace of the house. All Tamil houses had open terraces in those times. We use it for drying clothes and playing games)

Tamil Proverbs- ஆடிப் பட்டம் தேடி விதை ,ஆடிக்  காற்றில் அம்மியும் பறக்கும்

The windy season begins in Aadi in Tamil Nadu (naadu). So the saying is Even an Ammi ( granite Grinding Stone in the kitchen) will fly in the Aadi wind.

Aaadikku Azaiththal (Inviting Couple for a Feast) is an important social event in Tamil families. It is not just an invitation for a feast. The in laws must give gold jewels and clothes to the couple.



Aaavani is Sravana. Sun enters the fifth zodiac sign Simha Rasi (Simma raasi). Many festivals fall in this month. Ganesh Chaturthy (Pillayaar Chaturthy) is celebrated by all Hindus. For Malayaalees (Keralites), Onam festival is important.

For Brahmins the full moon day of this month is important. They change their sacred thread (Poonool/Puunuul) on the day. (Sometimes it falls in Aadi like in 2022). Brahmins renew their Vedic study on that day. It is also called Upaakarma or Aaavani Avittam (Sravishtaa Nakshatra day)

Rakshaa Bandhan is celebrated on the same Purnima day (Full moon day).

Marriages are held in this month

Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami is celebrated by all Hindus. Big festivals are organised in Vaishnavite (Vishnu worshippers) temples.

Tamil proverb is ‘Vattam Kalinja Ettaam Naal Kittan Pirappu’ (Eight days after Avani Avittam (vattam) is Krishna’s (Kittan) birthday)

The Mula (moola) star day is called Aavani Muulam. Shiva temples (Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple) hold many local festivals.

Kalki Jayanthi, Vaamana Jayanthi,Anantha Vratam, Uma Maheswari Vratam are also celebrated.

Aavani has 32 days. In English calendar see only 31 days as the highest number.

Tamil saying-

வட்டம் கழிஞ்ச எட்டாம் நாள் கிட்டன் பிறப்பு 

To be continued………………………..

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