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Ancient Tamils were great scientists; they  knew about Big Bang and Big Crunch. Only Hindus documented Big Crunch, though Big Bang is at least indicated in other religions.

Tamils are the one who give the order of Appearance and Dis appearance of living organisms. Manikkavasagar (maanikka vaasagar), one of the Four Great Tamil Shiva worshippers, clearly show there was empty space and then came wind and dust, earth and life. No one has explained Big Bang in such a clear order. (Refer. Vaan Aaki, Man Aaki poem at the end of this article)


What is Big Bang?

Big Bang is the hypothetical explosive event that marked the origin of universe. The cause of the Big Bang is unknown according to scientists. Hindus believe its god’s work. 1300 billion years ago, the universe was in a squeezed hot, superdense stuff and it exploded and threw out this compact material. It is still expanding like a balloon. It is called Red Shift. Hindus believe that the balloon will burst and return to its original position and then start again. Hindus only believe that TIME is cyclical.

Big Bang and Big Crunch are in the Vedas. We were all once stars at one time according to Patrick Moor, Royal Astronomer of Britain. That means we were all star dust at the time of Big Bang. Slowly stars created Solar System and the earth, one of them, cooled down and life appeared on it. We are part of it.

Since Hindus  knew it, Manikkavasagar says God was once Space, then Dust blown out by wind, Light, Body, Life etc. And in another verse he narrates that he was rock and dust, grass and bush, worm and insect, bird and animal, man and superman once ,giving the evolutionary order.

In another verse he sings about billions of galaxies.


Now let us look at what 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature says:

A Tamil poet known as Mr Krishna Sr. (Senior Krishna= Muthu Kannan in Tamil) sings about Tamil Space Exploration and the order of appearance of Universe in Puram verses 20 and 30. But Paripaatal verse describes it in more detail.


Earth Quake or destruction of the world/Armageddon- Akam 31-3


End of the world or Big Crunch- Pari.2-1/4


Order of Appearance after Big Bang and Order of Dis appearance (Big Shrink)

First- Space Pari. 2-5/7

Second -Wind  (red shift/expanding universe/ like balloon)- Pari. 2-7

Third stage – Fire/Light- Pari.2-8

Also Kali.105-20

Fourth Stage – Water (rain poured down, cooling earth, favouring life to appear)- Pari 2-8/9

Also Pari paatal 3-22; 6-1; Puram.397-23

Fifth stage – Land /Earth- Pari.2-11

Paripaatal  verse 2 gave this in proper order (see the line numbers above 2- 1 to 11)


Hindus believed not only in physical evolution , which we see in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Lord Vishnu’s Dasavatara (dasaavataara= ten incarnations of Vishnu in evolutionary order), but also in mental evolution; evolution of thoughts.

They called the Evolution of Thought as Four Yugas- Satya/Krta, Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yuga. Kali, Kaali, Kari mean Black. The last Kali Yuga is the Black Age where we see rulers with a corruptive mind.

Hindus described it with a beautiful allegory. In the golden age known as Satya or Krta Yuga/era the cow stood with four legs. In the Treta , it lost one leg and in the Dwapara it lost two legs and in the last Kaliyuga it lost its third leg; that is the end of the cow/earth.

Those who know Sanskrit can see the number of legs in the name of the Yugas it self

Treta= three= tri=  three legged cow

Dwapara = two= dwi= two legged cow

All these four yugas are in Sangam book Pari. 3-80

Pari  Mel Azakar ( the Handsome on a Horse=Vishnu) was a Brahmin Priest in the Kanchpuram Ulakalantha Perumal (Vishnu who Measured the Earth ) Temple. He was the one who wrote commentary on the available Paripaatal verses. Without his commentary, no Tamil can give the meaning of Paripaatal or Tirukkural.


Geological ages are symbolically explained with animal names. First Vishnu incarnated himself as Fish, then Tortoise, then Boar. We see the evolution here- Waterborne living organisms, Water and land living animals/amphibian Tortoise, then entirely living on land –the Boar.

The Purana stories explain how Vishnu dug out earth from water in Varahaa Avatara . The meaning is land came from ocean when the water receded; Animals appeared; man came on earth.

This Boar stage is called Sweta Varaga Kalpa.

Pari.2-16/19 sings about it.


Hindus are great mathematicians.  When other religions were using 20, 40 and 120 as the highest number in their religious books, Hindu children were singing ‘Koti Surya Sama Prabha’= God you are as bright as 10 million Suns. In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna’s Visva Rupa is described as Divi Surya Sahasrasya ( Oh Krishna you look like 1000 Suns). So big numbers such as billion, trillion are just children’s game for Hindus. In all Sangam poems Earth is described Round Shaped, following Sanskrit Mantras.

Here in Pathitrup Paththu, one of the oldest Sangam books , we come across an unimaginable big number:

In Tamil Aayiram Vellam Uuzi (pathi.63-20)

Hindu tradition is to greet or wish some one “Long live as long as the Sun and Moon exist”.

Hindus are great astronomers and they know that these two heavenly bodies existed for billions of years and they are going to be there for billion more years. Another way wishing is Long Live till the End of the Earth/Uuuzi

Here the Pathitr. Poet wished the king to live for 1000 Vellam Uuzi ஆயிர வெள்ளம் ஊழி


‘Vellam’ literally meant Flood or Water.

Vellam in mathematical jargon means

1 followed by 16 zeros


(see page 275 of Second World Tamil Conference Hand Book)

Brahmin poet Kabilar used this number with 1000 UUzi(Chatur Yuga)

That means 1000X4,320,000X1,0000000000000000


ஆயிர வெள்ளம் ஊழி

வாழியாத  வாழிய பலவே – பதிற்றுப்பத்து 63-20/21, கபிலர்

Probably this is the biggest number used in Tamil. And probably this is the biggest number used for any human being in the world.


Uuzi vaaziya – Ainku-281; Puram-387; Pathitru.89-8; 90-51/54, Mathurai- line  782.

In Ainkurunuuru 281, the poet wishes that parrots should live till the end of the world because they facilitate my rendezvous with my lady love. In the olden days village girls used to come to farms to drive away the parrots who come to eat the paddy. These girls used to sing with sling in their hands. The slings will have stones at one end to hit the birds.

To be continued…………….

ஊழி , வெள்ளம், சதுர் யுகம், நால்வகை ஊழி ,

Tamil References:-

வானாகி மண்ணாகி வளியாகி
ஊனாகி உயிராகி உண்மையுமாய்
கோனாகி யான்எனதென் றவரவரைக்
வானாகி நின்றாயை என்சொல்லி
வாழ்த்துவனே –

—–Tiruvaasagam by Maanikkavaasagar


 புல்லாகிப் பூடாய்ப் புழுவாய் மரமாகிப்

பல்விருக மாகிப் பறவையாய்ப் பாம்பாகிக்
கல்லாய் மனிதராய்ப் பேயாய்க் கணங்களாய்
வல்லசுர ராகி முனிவராய்த் தேவராய்ச்
செல்லாஅ நின்றஇத் தாவர சங்கமத்துள்

 —Tiruvaasagam by Maanikkavaasagar


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