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 A Book is a Gift You can Open Again and Again– said Garrison Keillor.

Do you agree?

I agree with Garrison Keillor.

In the past I have received books as gifts.

To mention a few,  I received book gifts — English Translations of Pattinathar Hymns and Bharatiyar’s Poems — from Sekkizar Adippodi Dr T N Ramachandran, when he visited London some years ago.

I open them again and again to read or to quote them in my articles.

Why don’t you buy my books and see whether you will be able to Open them Again and Again.

Why don’t you give them as Gifts to your friends?

Here are some books written by me:-


(1) Hinduism in Sangam Tamil Literature


1.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia ( Shamudrika Lakshnanam)

2.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (Nymphs அணங்கு ,  சுராங்கனி )

3.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (Indra’s Amrit இந்திரர் அமிழ்தம்)

4.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia(Divine Women வானவ மகளிர் கடல் கெழு செல்வி Sea Nymph)

5.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (Asuras/Demons அவுணர்/அசுரர்)

6.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (Tri Kala Gnani அறிவர்த்ரிகால ஞானி)

7.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (Divine Snake Bed ஆதி சேஷன்ஆதிசேடன்)

8.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (கர்ம வினைக் கொள்கை Karma Theory)

9.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (ஊழி Big Crunch)

10.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia பஞ்சபூதம் (Pancha Bhuta)

11.Who discovered Five Elements/Pancha Bhuta?

12.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaediaகணபதி வழிபாடு (Ganapati Worship)

13.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (மஹாபாரதம்Mahabharata )

14.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia Sibi Story (சிபி கதை)

15.Sibi Story in Old Tamil Literature!

16. Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia- Ramayana unknown to Valmiki (தெரியாத ராமாயணம்)

17.Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia (ARUNDHATI அருந்ததி)

18.Chaste Woman Arundhati in Literature!

19.Arundhati wins; Vishwamitra defeated!

20. Hindu Puranic Scenes in Sangam Tamil Literature -1  (Gaja Lakshmi)

21. Hindu Puranic Scenes in Sangam Tamil Literature -2  (Krishna and Balarama)

22. Hindu Puranic Scenes in Sangam Tamil Literature -3 (Hindu Vahanas and Flags)

23. Hindu Puranic Scenes in Sangam Tamil Literature -4  (Moon and Star Worship)

24.Fire won’t Burn You- Miracle in Hinduism

25.Mischievous Hindus will be born as Crocodiles

26. Lord Ganesh- Pillaiyaar (for children)

27.Lord Shiva (for School Children)

28.Lord Skanda/ Murugan (for Children)


30.Vishnu (for school children)

31.Lakshmi (for school children)

32.Where does Lakshmi reside?

33.Where does Lakshmi reside? -2

34.Sarasvati (for School Children )

35.Tamil Hymn to Saraswati


(2) Famous Trees of India


1.Adi Shankara and Alangium hexapetalum

2.Andal and Alangium hexapetalum; My Visit to Singaperumal Koil

3.Jesus Christ and Jatamansi plant

4.Tansen and Tamarind Tree! Ghosts in Tamarind Trees!

5.Magic of Trees

6.Scientific facts: 121 Drugs from Plants!

7.Indian Wonder: The Banyan Tree

8.Famous Trees of Tamil Nadu

9.Hindus’ Respect for Trees and Forests

10.More About Tree Worship in Ancient India

11.Lord Shiva and Tamils adopted Trees!

12.Sacred Trees in Jainism

13.Plants in Mahavamsa

14.Strange Stories about Trees, Kusha and Dhurva Grass in Vedas –Part 1

15.Strange Stories about Trees in Vedas- Part 2

16.Tree Marriage

17.Hindu Tree Wonders

18.Hindus’ Respect for Trees and Forests

19.Palmyra Tree Worship in India and Sri Lanka!

20.‘Save the Trees’ and ‘Save the Forests’ in Manu Smrti!

21.Three Apples that Changed the World

22.Two Mangoes That Changed the Tamil World

23.Hindu’s Amazing Knowledge in Botany!!!

24.People are like Three Types of Trees

25. Significance of Neem Tree in Hinduism

26.Neem Tree Wonders

27.Effect of Neem Leaves!





1.Who are Dravidians?

2.Three Tamil Sangams : Myth and Reality

3.Sangam 2700 Years Ago

4.The Tamils 3000 Years Ago

5.Pandya King Who Ruled Vietnam

6.Indra’s ‘AMRIT’ in 40 Places in 2000 Year old Tamil Books!

7.Dravidian Magician in Kashmir: Kalhana’s Strange Story!

8.Dravidian Queen (1320 BC) in North India

9.Tsunami Miracle or Optical Illusion?

10.Indra in the oldest Tamil Book

11.Mlecha in Sangam Tamil Literature

12.Tamils are Devil Worshippers: Caldwell’s Bluff- Part 1

13.Tamils are Devil Worshippers: Caldwell’s Bluff- Part 2

14.Who was Tolkappiar?

15. Tolkappiam – a Compilation or Original? Third chapter an Appendix?

16. Agni in the Oldest Tamil Book ‘Tolkappiam’

17. Tolkappian– A Genius

18.Tolkappian Ban on Tamil Women

19.Vedic God Varuna in Oldest Tamil Book

20.Sand Storms destroyed Two Tamil Towns!

21.‘Blood Thirsty Dravidians’!

22.Human Sacrifice practised by the Kondhs!

23.Dravidian Marriage Customs

24.‘Dravidian Tamil’ Superstitions about Sneezing and Lizard Chirping

25.Caste Divisions in Ancient Tamil Nadu

26.Aryan Chapatti and Dravidian Dosa!

27.Edwin Arnold’s Visit to Toda Tribal Hut in 1885

28.The Todas: Strange Dravidian Tribe!

 29.Hair Styles of the Tribes and Castes of India



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