British Massacre of Sikhs, Sinhalese, and Zulus (Post No.11,612)


Post No. 11,612

Date uploaded in London – –  1 JANUARY 2023                  

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This is part 3 of British Atrocities

 Sathnam Sanghera has compiled lot of information from many books about British atrocities and exploitation around the world.

 British slaughtered Sikhs, Sri Lankans and Zulu s like birds. They themselves have said it. It is not outsiders report.

Here is what we read in his book Empireland, published in 2021 by Viking

 “In Empires of Sikhs, Patwant Singh estimates that the first seventy years of eighteenth century saw around 200,000 Sikhs killed. But I accept it was British colonialists who did most to entrench and propagate this view of Sikhs in the world, and who in their obsession with classification, accentuated the boundaries between the Sikhs and other religious groups in India”.


“In 1914, it was not only Britain which took on the Germans and their allies, but the entire British empire. Over three million men from across the empire and Commonwealth supported the British army.

 In the Second World War, the number of imperial soldiers was just as significant , including 1,440,500 troops from India, 629,000 from Canada, 413,000 from Australia,136,000 from South Africa, 128,500 from New Zealand and more than 134,000 from other colonies. But after the war, all the empire troops were packed off back home in unseemly haste and the huge celebratory Peace March that took place in London in July 1919 did not include any of those non- British troops”.

 (So ungrateful. Later politicians also gave a completely different picture, leaving the non- whites out).


 Sanghera gives many incidents where Sikhs and other Indians were attacked in Wolverhampton in England.

 Wolverhampton MP Enoch Powell was the one who cast a huge shadow not only over local Wolverhampton politics but over national politics too. In 1968 he made the infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. He feared that ‘ in this country in 15 or 20 years the Blackman will have the whip hand over the white man’.


 3000 Sikhs massacred 

There turn out to be many more demonstrations of anti- Sikh racism beyond what happened at Jallianwalla Bagh. Here during the Battle of Gujarat ( 1849), an encounter during the Second Anglo Sikh War we see Britons dehumanising Sikhs, losing just 96 men in the course of slaughtering 3000 Sikhs, an officer of the ninth Lancers remarking in the process that enemies running for their lives were of course shot, with Sikhs hiding in trees providing great sport for our men, who were firing up at them as at so many rooks…..down they would come like a bird head downward, and bleeding most profusely.

Here in the Indian Pavilion of the 1851 Crystal Palace exhibition in London, we have Sikhs being described as lacking a ray of intelligence. Here in 1871, deputy commissioner J L Cowan summarily executing 68 Namadhari Sikh prisoners ,in a form of collective punishment following on attack on the small Muslim principality of Malerkota in Punjab ; the method he chose was to fire the victims from canons, meaning that their body parts were so scattered they could not be retrieved for funeral rites.


10,000 Zulus massacred 

William Gladstone , who served four times as Prime Minister of Britain ,between 1868 and 1894, complained that in South Africa 10,000 Zulus had been slaughtered for no other offence than their attempt to defend against your artillery with their naked bodies, their hearths and homes, their wives and families.


10,000 Sinhalese massacred 

Jan Morris’ Pax Brittanica trilogy extends to well over 1500 pages, Lawrence Jame’s Rise and Fall of the British Empire comprises 736 of densely printed text, are recommended by many.

The stories they tell are so violent it is not conducive to sleep to go to bed reading about, how in 1818, the British were responsible for f the deaths of 10000 people in the course of battling the Kandyan kingdom of Ceylon, how the 1838 Myall Creek massacre saw up to fifty indigenous Australians , including women, children, aged, being brutally murdered by a group of colonist cattle ranchers, or how the Hola camp for Mau Mau rehabilitation in Kenya was so brutal that eleven prisoners were beaten to death by guards under the watch of a British prison official.

 To be continued……………………..

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