Valmiki warns Rama about Bad Omens; Ancient Tamil poet had same belief! (Post No.11,760)


Post No. 11,760

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[Dasaratha sends Sumantra to bring Rama again– briefs him on certain matters and sends him — Rama visits Kausalya and informs her about the coronation and seeks her blessings.]- Ayodhya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana.


अपि चाद्याऽशुभान्राम स्वप्ने पश्यामि दारुणान्।
सनिर्घाता दिवोल्का च पततीह महास्वना।।2.4.17।।

राम O Rama, अपि च also, अद्य now, स्वप्ने in a dream, दारुणान् frightening, अशुभान् inauspicious events, पश्यामि am seeing, दिवा during day time, सनिर्घाता accompanied by thunders, महास्वना generating great sounds, उल्का meteor, इह here, पतति is falling.

Moreover Rama, these days I see frightening and ominous events in dreams during day time. I see meteors accompanied by thunders falling, generating great sounds.


अवष्टब्धं च मे राम नक्षत्रं दारुणैर्ग्रहैः।
आवेदयन्ति दैवज्ञाः सूर्याङ्गारकराहुभिः।।2.4.18।।

राम O Rama, सूर्याङ्गारकराहुभिः Sun, Mars and Rahu, दारुणैः formidable, ग्रहैः planets, मे my, नक्षत्रम् birth star, अवष्टब्धम् have afflicted, दैवज्ञाः astrologers, आवेदयन्ति are communicating.

O Rama astrologers also tell me that formidable planets Sun, Mars and Rahu have afflicted my birth star.



प्रायेण हि निमित्तानामीदृशानां समुद्भवे।
राजा हि मृत्युमाप्नोति घोरां वाऽऽपदमृच्छति।।2.4.19।।

ईदृशानाम् when such, निमित्तानाम् of ominous signs, समुद्भवे appear, प्रायेण हि usually, राजा king, मृत्युम् death, आप्नोति meets, घोराम् grave, आपदं वा or calamity, ऋच्छति faces.

When such ominous signs appear, usually the king either meets with death or faces a grave calamity.


तद्यावदेव मे चेतो न विमुह्यति राघव।
तावदेवाभिषिञ्चस्व चला हि प्राणिनां मतिः।।2.4.20।।

तत् so, राघव son of the Raghus (Rama), मे my, चेतः mind, यावदेव so long as, न विमु३ह्यति is not deluded, तावदेव till then, अभिषिञ्चस्व be consecrated, प्राणिनाम् men’s, मतिः mind, चला हि is unstable indeed.

Therefore, before my mind is deluded I wish to see you installed as heir apparent for a man’s mind is unstable indeed, O Rama.



अद्य चन्द्रोऽभ्युपगतः पुष्यात्पूर्वं पुनर्वसू।
श्वः पुष्ययोगं नियतं वक्ष्यन्ते दैवचिन्तकाः।।2.4.21।।

अद्य today, चन्द्रः Moon, पुष्यात् than star Pushya, पूर्वम् preceding, पुनर्वसू constellation Punarvasu, अभ्युपगतः entered, श्वः tomorrow, पुष्ययोगम् in conjuction with Pushya constellation, नियतम् certainly, दैवचिन्तकाः astrologers, वक्ष्यन्ते say

Today the Moon is in conjunction with the Punarvasu constellation. Tomorrow the Moon’s conjunction with the Pushya constellation is certain and the astrologers say this auspicious time is highly suitable for the purpose of coronation.



ततः पुष्येऽभिषिञ्चस्व मनस्त्वरयतीव माम्।
श्वस्त्वाऽहमभिषेक्ष्यामि यौवराज्ये परन्तप।।2.4.22।।

ततः therefore, पुष्ये in the Pushya constellation, अभिषिञ्चस्व be coronated , मनः my mind, माम् me, त्वरयतीव looks hastening up, परन्तप O slayer of enemies, अहम् I, श्वः tomorrow, त्वाम् you, यौवराज्ये as heirapparent, अभिषेक्ष्यामि I shall install.

My mind is hastening me saying, ‘Coronate Rama in the Pushya constellation itself’.
O Slayer of enemies, I shall install you heir apparent tomorrow.



तस्मात्त्वयाऽद्य प्रभृति निशेयं नियतात्मना।
सह वध्वोपवस्तव्या दर्भप्रस्तरशायिना।।2.4.23।।

तस्मात् therefore, अद्यप्रभृति from now, इयम् this, निशा night, नियतात्मना with selfrestraint, दर्भप्रस्तरशायिना sleeping on a bed of darbha or kusha grass, त्वया by you, वध्वा सह with daughterinlaw, Sita, उपवस्तव्या should be spent by undertaking fasting.

Therefore, you and my daughter-in-law (Sita) should fast tonight and sleep on a bed of darbha or kusha grass with self restraint.


Sangam Tamil Poets’ Expertise in Astronomy

It is very interesting to see Tamil’s knowledge in Astronomy and Astrology. Once a person knows Tamil Sangam poems, many of the foreigners’ half baked theories will be binned in a second. Here is a proof that Hindus did not borrow Astrology from Greeks. Moreover the date of Varahamihira’s Brhat Jataka and Brhat Samhita is wrong and it must be changed.

First let us look at 2000 year old Purananuru verse 229. Please read my comments as well.

Purananuru – Part 229

Translated by George L. III Hart

At midnight crowded with darkness in the first
quarter of the night when the constellation of Fire
was linked with The Goat and from the moment
the First Constellation arose, formed like a bent palmyra,
and the one shaped like a reservoir was glittering
at the farthest limit, during the first half
of the month of Pankuni, when the Constellation
of the Far North was descending and the Eighth
Constellation was rising and the Deer’s Head
sinking into the sea, a star fell from the sky! 
Not slanting east or north,
like a light for the earth surrounded by ocean, a star fell as roaring,
spreading fire stirred and swollen by the wind! When we saw this,
I and many others who had come to him in our need thought, “May the king
who rules a good land with a waterfall whose music is like a drum, may he
live without illness!” A feeling of despair spread throughout our
troubled hearts and we were afraid! Now the seventh day has come and
as great elephants lie sleeping on their trunks and the royal drum
tightly bound with its straps has burst its eye and rolls across
the ground and the white umbrella of protection is snapped off
at the base and ruined and the proud horses swift as the wind stand
stock still, he has reached the world of the gods
! Has he
who was the lover desired by women who wear shining bangles
forgotten those women who were his companions? He was a man
the dark color of a mountain of sapphires! His strength bound up
his enemies and killed them. And to those
who wished him well he was munificent beyond measure!



1.A poet by name Kudalur Kizar (Koodaluur Kizaar) saw the above (see highlighted parts) ominous signs in the sky and then predicted that the Chera king Mantharan Cheral Irumporai is going to die within seven days. It happened that way.

In the Valmiki sloka too, the ominous signs lead to the death of King Dasaratha.

Since Sangam corpus is 2000 year old, we see the same beliefs from Northern Himalayas to Southern Kanyakumari.

2.The Tamil references to stars like Krittika and Mrigashirsha and the calculation of stars from Asvini are also more than 2000 year old. This proved neither the Zodiac nor the star based astrology came from Greece. Mriga Sheersha (Deer Head) and several stars are translated verbatim in Tamil. This is very different from Greek names.

3. Even dating Varahamihira and his books to fifth century looks ridiculous. Someone might have updated this now and then. This is not the only matter on which I propose my theory. There are over 200 astrological remarks or references in 2000 year old Sangam Books. About Venus’ link to rains, Mars link to war , Worshipping Sapta Rshi Mandala (Ursa Major Constellation) and Arundhati Star in it etc. are seen in both Tamil and Sanskrit books.

4. Like Valmiki and Vyasa, Kudalur Kizar also noted the strange behaviours of palace animals. All the bad omens are listed by the Tamil poet. Another Tamil poem says even the boar in the forest did not venture out when it  heard the wrong clicks of Lizard. (Tamil Almanacs list all the predictions even today  on the basis of Lizard clicks and Pancha Pakshi Shastra (Five Birds Prediction Chart)

5. The word NIMITTA used by Valmiki and the oldest Tamil book Tolkappiam with astrological connotation also shows that Tamils studied all astrology books in Sanskrit. The above Tamil poem mentioned PANKUNI, a Hindu month. All the 12 months in Tamil are Sanskrit words. Kanchi Paramacharya (1894-1994), Shankaraharya of Kamakoti Peetam was a great linguist. He in his beautiful lecture summarises the origin of Tamil months (It is available in English, and the book was published by Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan. Swamiji’s talks are translated into English by the Bhavan.) Even NIMITTA is seen in Arthashastra and Bhagavad Gita with astrological meaning.

6. There has always been a debate going on about whether Asvini was the First Star and from when. The above Sangam poem and later Sambandar’s Tevaram (Kolaru Thirup Pathikam) also show that Tamils are very familiar with SEVEN DAYS and 27 STARS beginning with ASVINI. The beauty of the Tevaram poem is that it lists all the seven days from SUNDAY in the same order like today. Kolaru Thiruppathikam was sung around 600 CE. By that time even the devotional poems had all the astrological matter.

7. Apart from this, Silappadikaram , the most famous Tamil epic, has innumerable references to Sakunas and Nimittas.

8. I always insist an Indian who talks about Hindu History must know both Ancient Tamil and Sanskrit  works. Otherwise, that person will be caught bluffing. I have already shown how Suneet Kumar Chattterji and Max Muller- Caldwell Gangs mislead Indians.

9.It is hightime for astrologers to sit together and sort out the dates of Brihat Samhita and Brihat Jataka and other astrology books.

10. The commentaries on Ancient Tamil Poems give us encyclopaedic information on all subjects.


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