Beautiful Architecture of Thiruvalamchuzi Temple (Post No.11,825)


Post No. 11,825

Date uploaded in London – –  21 MARCH 2023                  

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Six kilometres from Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

Thiruvalam chuzi means Holy Right Whorl or Turn

People believed that the River Kaveri took a right turn here and so it is called by this name. Others believe that the trunk of the elephant faced god Vinayaka is turning or curving towards right is the reason for the name. Both may be right.

Appar , one of the Four Great Saivite Singers, composed  hymns on the God Siva here.

Siva temple famous for its architectural pillars and granite windows.

Ganesh here is called White Vinayaka = Swetha Vinayaka.

Moreover its made up of sea shells (Sea Animal shells and white in colour)

There is a beautiful Ashta Bhuja Kali- Eight Armed.

The temple needs renovation and refurbishment.

I took some pictures from outside.

I always avoid taking the pictures of the idols.

We went there in February 2023.

There are paintings/ pictures on the wall; they need protection and preservation as well.

Swamimalai , one of the Six Abodes of Lord Skanda/ Murugan/ Kartikeyan is very near.


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