River Ganges appeared in a Tamil Village Well! (Post no.11,839)


Post No. 11,839

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Thiruvisai Nallur is a village situated ten kilometres from Kumbakonam. We were fortunate enough to see the house (now a holy mutt) and the miracle well in the house.

Sridhara Venkatesa Ayyaval 1635-1720 (aiyaavaaL) lived about 400 years before our time. The area was under the Maratha Kings of Thanjavur then. His father served as a Diwan of Mysore King. Ayyaval was also offered good posts in the kingdom; but he rejected those offers and started visiting Shiva Temples in Kaveri basin. He was very much attracted towards Lord Shiva of Thiruvidaimaruthur (Sri Mahalinga Swami).

When he settled down in the nearby village Thiruvisainallur, several miracles happened in his life. He was the composer of several popular hymns. He used one of his hymns to revive a dead boy, who died of snake bite.

Another miracle that happened in his life is remembered until today and celebrated annually on Karthikai Amavasai Day (New moon day in the month of Krittika).


This is the story of the miracle:

Once he performed the ritual Sraddha (ceremony in memory of departed souls) and went towards river Kaveri (also Cauvery). He saw a low caste man suffering from acute hunger. Though Ayyaval was a strict Brahmin, he fed the low caste man with the remaining food in his house. Brahmins are supposed to leave the reminder only to cows. Only close family can eat Sradhdha food.

The village came to know what he did against the prescribed rule. They told him that he must go to Kasi (Varanasi/ Benares) and bathe in the Holy Ganga River to atone for his blasphemous act.

Being a great saint, he saw all men as equal and sons of God. He prayed strongly to Lord Shinva and it was answered immediately. He was told that he need not travel to Kasi, but Ganges river itself will come to him on the Newmoon day of Karthikai. That happened on the day in the well situated in his house and the water overflew flooding the streets. Now all orthodox village community knew his greatness. Then followed several miracles.

His hymn on River Ganga is called Gangashtakam. He was a contemporary of other great composers like Bodhendra and Sadhasiva Brahmendra. I was fortunate enough to visit hose holy places in Govindarajapuram and Nerur of those two great men.

You may read a lot about holy shrines and saints who did miracles. Bu when you visit those places in person, you get a great thrill and complete satisfaction. Moreover, their power remains there for several centuries. We were fortunate enough to sprinkle the holy water on our heads from the village well at Sridhara Ayaaval’s house. Now it has been made a temple/Mutt . On the Karthikai Amavasai Day every year, thousands of devotees come here to bathe or sprinkle the holy well water.

(Please see the pictures taken by me in February 2023)

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