Part 5 of Kumbakonam Wonders; Chitra Ramayana on Temple walls (Post No.11,843)

Sugreeva is advised by Rama


Post No. 11,843

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Rama and Lakshmana getting permission to leave for the forest.

Sugreeva has been crowned as the King of Kishkinda

Maya Sita, Magically created Sita, was cut by Indrajith

Yatra Dhanam given by Rama Lakshmana;

Ruma and Tara met  by Lakshmana

Rama piercing Seven Trees with one arrow

Vali- Sugreeva Fight; Rama gave garland symbol to Sugreeva

Ramayana pictures on the walls of Ramaswami Temple at Kumbakonam Over 200 Ramayana scenes are painted on the walls in three tiers.

Part 5

Sugreeva carrying Vali to crematoriumm

Vali was killed  by Rama.

Lakshmana’s Wedding

Bharata’s Wedding

Sathrunan Wedding

Dasaratha with his wives


Tags- Chitra Ramayana, Wall paintings, Ramaswami Temple

Tags- Chitra Ramayana, Wall paintings, Ramaswami Temple

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