Part 7 of Kumbakonam Wonders :Picture Ramayana on Temple Walls (Post No.11,849)

Sita Devi blessing Hanuman


Post No. 11,849

Date uploaded in London – –  28 MARCH 2023                  

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Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge.

this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.,


Lakshmana and Ravana getting ready for afi

Dont insult ambassador Hanuman; it is against law, warns Vibhishana.

Ten Headed Ravana shoting an arrow.

This is the last part of the Paintings on the walls of Ramaswami Temple at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

I did not take the pictures of all the 220 paintings. I just took only about 100 pictures with my I pad in half hour.

There are two huge paintings, well protected in a locked room which we can see from out side.

Like I said  before, a full book is required with exact details. Please don’t allow any foreigner to do it. Only Hindus must do it or allowed to do it.

I have lots of books here in London , in the British Library and SOAS, University of London Library, mocking at us, while giving beautiful pictures. Since they believe in Non Hindu religions, they do it subtly.

Many of the foreigners are anti Hindu fanatics and they attack Hinduism very subtly, when writing about temples. They don’t have faith, but good technology and resources.

Our illiterate Bhattars (priests) and temple authorities open the gates for them without a single question, but deny access to us completely. I know about the Selfi maniacs amongst us and bad Dravidians.  We should not allow them as well. But genuine Hindu scholars must be given access and the copy right should rest with the temple and not with the individual.

Vibhishana’s Coronation

Monkey Brigade/ Vanara Sena in happy mood

Rama Lakshmana Anjaneya

Indra, Brahma, Shiva, Surya and all come to welcome Rama, Sita

Vibhishana Saranagathi

This is not old painting. ; a modern one,

Rama calling the Ocean God Varuna

Huge Anjaneya paintinh

another ancient painting.

Please save and preserve the beautiful sculptures and paintings for our future generations.


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