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Post No. 11,855

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Last month we saw 31 Divine sayings of Sri Ramana; April 2023 calendar covers more quotations from Sri Ramana Maharishi Talks and writings:

April   2023 Good Thoughts Calendar

Festival Days- April  4- Mahavir Jayanti, 5- Panguni Utsava, 7-Good Friday, 9- Easter Sunday, 14-Tamil New Year’s Day, 22-Ramzan, 23- Akshaya Trtyai, 25- Adi Shankara Jayanti

Full Moon Day -5; New Moon Day – 19; Ekadasi Fasting Days – 1,16

Auspicious Days- 10,23, 26, 27


April 1 Saturday

Give up regarding yourself as this despicable body and realise your Real Nature which is one of Eternal Bliss.


April 2 Sunday

Seeking to thyself while still anxious about the welfare of the body, s like attempting to cross a stream with the aid of a crocodile for a raft.


April 3 Monday

The Puranas speak of Arunachala Hill as being hollow with cities and streets inside it. I have also seen such things in vision.


April 4 Tuesday

The books speak of the heart as a cavity. But penetration into it proves it to be  an expansion of light. Similarly Arunachala Hill is one of light. The caves etc are covered up with that light


April 5 Wednesday

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says AHAM is the first name of God. The first letter in Sanskrit is A and the last letter Ha and Aha thus includes everything from the beginning to the end.


April 6 Thursday

Swami Ramtirtha advertised, Wanted Reformers- but reformers who will reform themselves first.


April 7 Friday

No two persons in the world can be alike or can act alike. External differences are bound to persist, however hard we may try to eliminate them. The only solution is for each man to realise his True Nature.


April 8  Saturday

All the people after writing long treatises on the indestructability of their bodies, after giving medical and yogic recipes to perfect the body and keep it alive for ever, pass away one day.


April 9 Sunday

 The Yogi may be definitely aiming at rousing the Kundalini (the Serpent Power) and sending it up the Sushumna (Yogic nerve). The Jnani may not have this as His object, but both achieve the same result, that of sending he life forceup the Sushumna and severing the chit jada granthi( the knot binding the sentinent and the inert).


April 10 Monday

Kundalini is another name for Self or Atma or Sakti. We talk of it as being inside the body because we conceive ourselves as limited to the body. But it is in reality inside and outside being no other than the Self or Sakti.


April 11 Tuesday

He whose mind is not attached to any desires, does no action in reality, though his body may act. He is like one who hears a story with his mind elsewhere.


April 12 Wednesday

The man whose mind is full of desires is really acting though his body may be actionless. A man may be sleeping here with his body inert and yet he may be climbing and falling from them in dream at the same time.


April 13 Thursday

The non action of the sage is really unceasing activity. His stillness is like the apparent stillness of a very fast rotating top. Its speed cannot be followed by the eye and so it appears to be still. This must be explained , as people generally mistake the stillness of the sage for inertness.


April 14 Friday

The Jnani does not think He is the body. He does not even see the body. He sees only the Self in the body. If the body is not there, but only the Self, the question of its disappearing in any form does not arise.


April 15 Saturday

The statement that the Jnani retains Prarabdha while free from Sanchita and Agamya karmas is only a formal answer to the questions of the ignorant. Of several wivws none escapes widowhood when the husband dies; even so when the doer goes, all three Karmas vanish


April 16 Sunday

Everything is predetermined. But a man is always free not to identify himself with the body, and not to be affected by the pains or pleasures consequent on the body’s activities.


April 17 Monday

Giving up activities means giving up attachment to activities or the fruits thereof giving up the notion I am the doer. The activities the body is destined to  to perform will have to be gone through. There is no question of giving up such activities, whether one likes it or not.


April 18 Tuesday

Ishta Devata (Deity of one’s choice)and Guru are aids, very powerful aids on this path. But for an aid to be effective requires your effort also.Your effort is sine quo non. It is you who should see the sun. Can spectacles and sun see for you?


April 19 Wednesday

Seeing God in any form and speaking to Him is as real as your own entity. In other words when you identify yourself with the body in the waking state, you see gross objects, in dream subtle objects, dreamless sleep nothing. The objects seen bear a relation  to the state of the seer.


April 20 Thursday

By long practice, the figure of God as meditated upon appears in dream, and may later appear even in the waking state.


April 21 Friday

There was a saint by the name Namdev. He could see, talk and play with Vithoba, the God of Pandharpur. God had to teach himthat was not enough, and one must press on further and realise the Self, where seer and seen are one.


April 22 Saturday

Thee thought I am the body is ignorance. That the body is not apart from the Self is knowledge.


April 23 Sunday

The moral behind the story of Ashtavakra and Janaka is simply this: The disciple himself surrenders to the Master. That means there is no vestige of individuality retained by the disciple. If the surrender is complete, all sense of individuality is lost and there is no cause for misery. The Eternal Self is only happiness and that is revealed.


April 24 Monday

The more we control thought, activity and food, the more we will be able to control sleep.. but moderation ought to be the rule for the Sadhak (aspirant)


April 25 Tuesday

As explained in the Gita, sleep is the first obstacle  for all Sadhakas


April 26 Wednesday

The second obstacle is asid to be Vikshepa, or the sense of the world which divert one’s attention .


April 27 Thursday

The third is aid to be Kashaya or thoughts about previous experiences with sense objects


April 28 Friday

The fourth Ananda (bliss) is also called an obstacle, because in that state a feeling of separation from the source of Ananda, making the enjoyer say, I am enjoying Ananda is persistent. Even this has to be surmounted.


April 29 Saturday

And the final stage of Samadhana or Samadhi has to be reached, where one becomes Ananda or one with the Reality and the duality of enjoyer and  enjoyment ceases in the ocean of Satchidananda or the Self.

Sat Chit Ananda= existence- Consciousness- Bliss


April 30 Sunday

Our real nature is Mukti. But we imagine that we are bound and are naking strenuous attempts to become free., while we are all the time free. That will be only understood that we reach that state. We will be surprised that we were frantically tying  to attain something which we have always been and are.

-source book : Gems from Bhagavan, selected by A Devaraja Mudaliyar, Sri Ramanshramam, Tiruvamnnamalai.

A good book with more stories, anecdotes and imageries. One must buy it to understand Ramana better.

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