Amba Jogai Yamai Temples :108 Famous Hindu Shrines in Maharashtra -8 (Post No.11,965)

Yamai Temple


Post No. 11,965

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Part 8

37.Amba Jogai -Yogeshwari Devi Temple

 Ambajogai is famous for Yogeshwari Temple located 25 km from Parli Vaidyanath; this temple is one of the most revered temples in Beed district of Maharashtra .  Sri Yogeshwari is an ancient temple of Goddess Durga, located in Ambejogai, one of the Goddess Shaktipeeths.

The  temple is located on the west side of the Jayavanti river that flows through the city. Yogeshwari Devi of Ambajogai is Marathwada’s own pilgrimage site.

Ambajogai town has many stories from Hindu mythology, named after Devi Amba, a form of Goddess Parvati. Situated on the banks of river Jayavanti, this city was also known as Jayavantinagar. The historic and oldest temple of Yogeshwari Devi is famous since ancient times. The delicate carvings on the pillars are very attractive. Adjacent to the north gate is the ‘Sarveshwar Tirtha’. Adjacent to the western gate are temples of various deities. A festival is held here during Dussehra

The Yogeshwari temple has a large main entrance facing east. A ‘Nagarkhana’ – space for musicians and ‘Deepmal’ stands in front of the main gate. Upon entering the temple complex through the eastern entrance, devotees see a towering tower surrounded by four smaller towers. The tall tower is decorated with paintings of gods and goddesses.


38. Yamai Devi Temple, Aundh, Satara

The Yamai Devi Temple is situated on a hill .

At a distance of 44 km from Satara and 63 km from Panchgani, Yamai Devi Temple is an ancient temple situated on a hilltop at Aundh. The temple is very much revered in Maharashtra and also one of the top places to visit in Satara.

Yamai Devi is the family deity of many Maharastrian families. The idol of Devi Mahishasur Mardini in black stone is almost 2 meters high in a cross-legged sitting position. The idol has four hands and is carrying gada, arrow, trishul and paan patra.

The town and the temple have been associated with the Pant family for many centuries. The present head of this former ruling family, Gayatridevi Pantpratinidhi, has installed a 7 kilograms (15 lb) solid gold kalash or crown on the pinnacle of the Yamai temple on the hill. Another temple of Devi Yamai is located in the town; apart from the one on the hill.

The temple can either be reached using steps that start at the bottom of the hill. Direct road access is also available to the hilltop. The temple complex also houses Sri Bhavani Museum established from the private collection of the Maharajas of Aundh. The museum holds paintings by noted 19th and 20th century Indian artists such as M. V. Dhurandhar, Baburao Painter, Madhav Satwalekar and Raja Ravi Varma as well as the famous Mother and Child stone structure by the British artist Henry Moore.

The annual Yatra to the Yamai Devi Temple attracts thousands of devotees. Yamai Devi Yatra is annually observed on Paush Purnima (full moon day) .This festival attracts large numbers of devotees.

It is said that Goddess Mahalaxmi, God Jyotiba of Kolhapur and Sri Rama (Lord Vishnu) called her as “Ye Mai” (in Marathi) (ये माय / ये माई) which means “Mother, please come” in English. Hence, she is known as Yamai Devi

 The temple complex has the head of Rakshas Aundhasur, a well carved Nandi and a Shivling.

Ambe Yogeswari Temple.

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