Akshaya Navami Day is Important because of Rama’s Meeting with Bharata (Post No.11,973)


Post No. 11,973

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Bharata Milap in Varanasi/ Kasi

Navami means Ninth day, either after New moon or after Full moon, because Hindus have divided a month into two halves. Akshaya means eternal, indestructible, ever- lasting etc. Akshaya Navami is celebrated on the Navami day in Kartika bright half, i.e. Sukla Paksha.

This day is observed in various parts of India for various reasons. Goddess Jagaddhatri (the nurse or the sustainer of the world) is worshipped on this day.

Bengalis celebrate it as a household event and not as a communal one like Durga Puja. It is not even a festival, but a domestic ritual. Puja is done with a copper or brass pot. Devotees believe that Sun God worshipped Durga on this day.

This day has added significance because Hindu astrologers believe that Treta Yuga began on this day.

The special merit resulting from the worship of goddess on this day is that the worshipper is rewarded with peace and prosperity for thw whole year. Devi Purana explains the merit one attains by observing this day.


‘Akshaya’ explains the merit of this day. Those who observe this day get the blessings for the whole year.

Hindu scriptures give this Akshaya status to

1.Akshaya Trityai Day

2.Amavasyai on Mondays ( Soma vaara New moon day)

3.If a Saptami falls on a Sunday

4.If a Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday

5.If an Ashtami falls on a Thursday


Ash gourd Donation

In some parts of North India people give donations to Brahmins.  Gray gourd or Ash gourd (petha) or Pancha ratna (five gems) placed inside the ash gourd are given to Brahmins. Hidden pancharatna is called Gupta Dhan (secret charity). Pancha ratnas are Gold, Silver, copper, coral and pearl.


Bharata met Rama on this Day! (Bharata Milan)

Akshaya Navami is also associated with a touching episode in Ramayana., in connection with which there is a celebration in Prayag (old name Allahabad). It was on this day Bharata met his brother Rama who spent 14 years in the forest. When Rama returned from the forest, he stayed in Prayag for a day to meet great saint Bharadwaj. Before going deep into the forest also he met him at the same place . When Bharata came to know about his arrival in Prayag, he rushed to Prayag in great speed. As soon as he heard that Rama’s aerial car (Plane) Pushpaka Vimana landed in Prayag, Bharat hastened from Nandigrama from where he was ruling Kosala country with Rama’s shoes on the throne.

This happy meeting of the two brothers (Bharata Milan)  after a painful separation for fourteen years, is an event which is annually celebrated with much rejoicing all over India, especially in the Bharadwaja Ashram in Uttar Pradesh.

Bharadwaja devoted his entire life to the peaceful work of teaching the holy scriptures to a band of adoring disciples, who at the time numbered thousands.


Celebration of Bharat Milap Festival
Bharat Milap Festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy in Varanasi. It marks the victory of truth over evil and also the love of brothers for each other. The Bharat Milap festival is celebrated the day following Dussehra.


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